NPP Government Throws in another Diversionary Tactic as Ghanaians Wallop in Poverty Under Their Incompetence

Barely 24hrs after the self-touted competent President displayed gross incompetence and a general lack of grasp on issues during his press encounter, the Akufo Addo government has thrown in another diversionary tactic to take the minds of Ghanaians off the issues.

This time round, they are on a wild goose chase to get rid of the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission, Mrs. Charlotte Osei. Hiding behind their unscrupulous assigns, they have submitted a so-called petition to the President to investigate and bring Madam Osei to book, ostensibly for mismanaging her office. Ghanaians must avert their minds to the fact that, this craze for petitioning is a stock-in-trade of the NPP. They used similar tactics to get rid of their own National Chairman and General Secretary. But it will not work this time round.

Whilst it goes without saying that this singular act could undermine the nation’s democracy and potentially throw the whole country into civil strife, we the Volta Regional branch of the Young Cadres would want to encourage Madam Osei to be steadfast and know that we are by her side. This diversionary tactic to hide their lies and incompetence will not wash and we will continue to let Ghanaians know that the NPP lied their way to power.

The family, friends and financiers government has fallen short of the acceptable standard and this is glaringly clear for all to see.

Long Live YCA
Long Live Ghana

Hamdan Selorm Chica
(YCA Volta coordinator)

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