NPP executives are mad – Fred Agbenyo

The Deputy Communications Director of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) Fred Agbenyo has likened actions of the leadership of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) to a bunch of lunatics.

He asserted that it was wrong for the NPP executives to make public that the government is plotting to murder their Flag bearer Nana Addo.

The Acting National Chairman of NPP Freddie Blay in a press conference on Thursday alleged that the Mahama led NDC government is scheming plans to assassinate Nana Addo, hence the arrival of the three ex-police officers.

Asked on Ultimate Fact File hosted by Julius Caesar Anadem if the NDC is planning an onslaught on the leadership of the NPP, Agbenyo further described such comments by the NPP executives as childish comments.

He wondered why people with sound mind would make such conclusion, saying the NDC party would not gain anything from killing an ‘old man’.

‘Is it not interesting and funny, doesn’t that come across to you like a 10- year old boy speaking, how on earth would anybody with sound mind this day and age come to any such conclusion. Why would anybody kill the Flagbearer of NPP, for what, what would anybody gain from killing the Flag bearer of NPP’.

‘This is a man who has lived in this country, has been active politically even the military regime nobody killed him, why would anybody wants to take his life at this old age. A 73- year old man, of what threat does he pose to anybody, so what would anybody really of sound mind say a thing like that, what does the person wants to achieve,’ he asked.

Touching on NPP’s purported intelligence report accusing Koku Anyidoho of leading the onslaught at the Flagstaff House, he fumed, ‘Absolute madness, absolute madness, anybody claiming that a political party wants to kill their leaders, you say that is not madness. Is there any other way I can describe this, somebody attributing a whole political party and government machinery to a murder and nobody is seeing anything wrong with it’.

‘You think that there is nothing wrong with it, if I say that is madness, you say that is harsh, I wish I have a better way of describing it, I really wish I have a better way,’ he asserted.

The Deputy Communications Director of NDC described the press conference led by Freddie Blay as disgraceful.

Asked if the NDC is benefiting from the chaos in NPP?, a livid Agbenyo said ‘When I describe it appropriately you have a problem with it. NPP have been killing, suspending, fighting themselves and doing all manner of things to themselves, when did they realise that anybody is plotting something against them, is it that they have been caught pants down, they should give us some little respect’.

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