NPP didn’t believe Kufuor could become President – Otumfuo

11th May 2023

The Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu lI has disclosed that former President John Kufuor’s journey to the Presidency was not smooth given that he lacked funds and at some point, his own party executive gave up on his ability to win the Presidential elections of the year 2000.

Speaking at an event recently, he praised John Kufuor for listening to advice when he was President.

He was a listening President. He listened to advise…This is a man who didn’t have money and even his party executives gave up on him to be a President and yet destiny demanded that he was going to be a President. In 1999, I become the King of Asante and he was also aspiring to be President. Sometime in November he came to me and we sat down and I said you know what you’re going to be the next President,” he said.

The King also recounted how the former President put the country above himself and was working himself to death.

He cannot walk and I said to him that it was his own fault. He had an accident on his way to the Castle, he was safe and went to the 37 military hospital and returned to the Presidency to work. I called him from Kumasi and he said [I’m in the office]. I asked what are you doing there, Ofa (Uncle)? and he said [I’m okay, nothing happened to me I’m fine]. I told him Ofa (Uncle) you better go home and rest. And I told him Ghana will still be there if you die. But he stayed in the office till 4 pm before he left the office. This is the amount of sacrifice he had for Ghana”, he said at dinner in the UK where both met

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Kufuor was a listening president; he listened to advice, sacrificed his life for Ghana – Otumfuo

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