NPP Deputy Gen. Sec. will join demo against Tow Levy

Deputy General Secretary of the governing New Patriotic Party says he will support any action to stop the implementation of the controversial tow levy even if it means hitting the street in a demonstration.

Nana Obiri Boahen contends the agreement is not in the interest of the country and all must kick against it no matter what it takes. “It’s a bad policy, its a very bad policy, more especially when that monopoly has been given to one particular company,” he said on Joy Fm.

Parliamentary select committee on roads and transport on Monday announced a revision to the levy, including recommendations for a 2. 5 per cent fee allocation for both the National Ambulance services and the National Health Insurance Authority.

This followed strong resistance from the public when it was due to come into effect on July 1, forcing a withdrawal for Parliament to carry on further consultations.

The revised form, which said motorists and vehicles owners be charged after every two years, has not been received with the open arms the committee expected, and agitations from the public have drowned attempts by some officials from the government to sell the idea.

The Roads and Transport Ministry has been forced to release a statement saying it has taken notice of the public sentiment against the service and would engage all stakeholders in a discussion on the way forward.

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Mr Obiri Boahen questioned why only one particular company has been given a contract to tow broken down vehicles from the nations’ roads for twenty years. He declared that he is willing to join the Alliance for Accountable Governance, AFAG, which has threatened to hit the street if the policy is implemented.

The NPP Deputy General Secretary continued that he is highly disappointed in the NPP members of parliament on the select committee on roads and transport for approving of the contract, “I am surprised at the conduct of our MPs as far as this issue is concerned…I am not going to throw my weight behind it, I will join AFAG and all other individuals and political parties to challenge it.” he stressed.

Mr Obir-Boahen indicated he is ready to pour out his sentiments to the Nana Akuffo-Addo’s administration when the opportunity comes, adding that he does not think the government would be able to implement the law in view of the stiff opposition against it.

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