NPP crisis: I won’t contest Klottey Korley re-run – Nii Noi

The Klottey Korley parliamentary candidate of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Nii Noi Nortey has categorically stated he will resist any attempt to re-run the primaries in the constituency should the National Executive Committee decides so.

“I didn’t select a date for any election neither did I supervised any election. I was an aspirant too and did what the party asked of me. My humble decision is simple. I don’t agree to a re-run of any election. My next elections is 2016 where we will all work hard and bring back the NPP,” Nortey wrote on his Facebook.

Speaking later in an interview with Kasapa FM’s Maame Broni, Nii Noi said it will be suicidal for the party to decide on a re-run against the choice of the majority who voted for him on August 2, and therefore pleaded with the National Executives never to consider the decision.

He stressed the decision will forestall the progress of the main opposition in Klottey Korley.

He reiterated his supporters also have a limit to what they can condone yet are mum for unity to prevail.

“The election was supervised by the Electoral Commission of Ghana, the chairman of the Klottey Korley elections committee, the constituency chairperson and the regional chair person was also present,” Nii Noi explained.

“I didn’t hold anyone’s hand to vote for me, they voted out of choice amidst intimidation and others. This should tell us that in 2016, when the NDC tries to intimidate them, they will stand firm for the party. So if this is how it is going to go and they are going to be paid… then I’m sorry it is too bad. This is sending a bad signal to the youth. Am I suffering this because I’m a young man? Am I going through this with my people because we are not big men, we belong to the street or because we are voiceless?”

He added: “With due respect, let us think about the great Elephant first. Let us think about power first. We shouldn’t be obstacles to our own victory in 2016. No individual is bigger than the party. No individual can turn the fortunes of the people of Klottey Korley. What will you gain in going to parliament when your presidential candidate loses?”


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