NPP crisis: Hajia Fati to sue Kwabena Agyepong

A vociferous member of the New Patriotic Party popularly known as Hajia Fati has threatened to sue the party’s general secretary Kwabena Agyepong for wrongful accusation.

Hajia Fati was arrested by the Police Wednesday over the attack on the vehicle of Agyepong.

She was later granted bail after interrogation at the Police headquarters.

Agyepong who is perceived to be an ally of suspended national chairman Paul Afoko, had the back screen of his four-wheel drive damaged at the party’s headquarters on Tuesday.

The NPP in a statement condemned the attack and promised a thorough investigation into the incident.

Agyepong Wednesday morning lodged a complaint at the Police headquarters leading to the arrest of Hajia Fati.

Reports indicate that Agyepong cited Hajia Fati as the leader of the mob who vandalized his vehicle.

But an angry Hajia Fati told Citi News after her release from Police custody that she has been accused wrongly and would take steps to sue the party’s general secretary.

“When I went to the Police headquarters they said Kwabena [Agyepong] and his driver came to report that I have broken his car…I didn’t throw any stone I didn’t do anything…but me they [Police] have taken my statement.

“I don’t think I would live this case like that I would also consult my lawyers and I also have to sue Kwabena,” Hajia Fati said.

According to Hajia Fati, Agyepong deliberately vandalized his own car to create tension and confusion within the Elephant family.

She has also urged the leadership of the party not to repair the vehicle for the general secretary since he destroyed his own vehicle.

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