NPP Constituency Executives Accross Ghana Pray Victory for Afoko

Reports reaching us indicates that, constituency executives of the New Patriotic Party in all the Ten (10) regions of Ghana are deeply engrossed in fervent prayers for the return of their National Chairman Paul Afoko and praying as well for the court to pronounce victory for him ,come Monday August 15 2016

Our correspondents from accross the 275 constituencies report the longing desire of various constituency executives of the New Patriotic Party to see the immediate reinstatement of their National Chairman and all other suspended party executives . A constituency Secretary from the Eastern Region had this to say to our reporter “Happenings in the party has gone from good to worse after the illegal sacking of our National Chairman and other party executives. We went to Tamale to elect Chairman Afoko because we were convinced he was the best man for the job. True to our conviction, he proved to be the right man as all the 275  constituencies received Ghc 10,000 each from Chairman Afoko as part payment of the Ghc 25,000 each, which he worked out for all constituencies. We have never in the history of this party, received such huge amount of money in our constituencies ”

Sources in the party have related that , various minority members of parliament have bemoaned against the incredibly deep rooted division their flagbearer  Nana Akufo-Addo, has infested the party with. A minority Legislator who spoke on condition of anonymity posited, “we have never seen this kind of disunity within our party. Nana Akufo-Addo has managed to infest this party with “us” and “them” , he has now created a dangerous level of animosity in our party and it indeed calls for worry. Four months into the General election, and we have no party chairman and General Secretary? Chairman Afoko assured us of resourcing those of us at the grassroot and he has passed the test as he sent us a whopping Ghc 10,000 last year before his illegal suspension. We are all praying for his come back in order to put the party on the right track.”

Party insiders have questioned the flagbearer Nana Akufo-Addo over what good he has gained from the illegal suspension of the party’s National Chairman Paul Afoko. With some saying Chairman Afoko is only a victim of circumstance . One constituency officer from the Ashanti Region noted that, “We have less than hundred (100) days to the elections, yet there is no T-Shirts and No Posters of Nana Akufo-Addo and our parliamentary candidates? Our NPP is just not visible , the feel of change is insignificant and intangible. We are suffering as there is no money to organise common voter registration exercise . So we ask ourselves where to get money to pay polling agents in the upcoming elections? Nana Akufo-Addo has told all constituency executives and our parliamentary candidates to go look for money on our own to support our respective campaign. What is the good about this craze called suspension of party executives to Akufo-Addo?  If nothing at all, Chairman Afoko gave all of us Ghc 10,000. With the remainder of Ghc 15,000 which Chairman Afoko worked out for all 275 constituencies , he was going to send us Ghc 5,000 to refurbish our various constituency offices and the remaining Ghc 10,000 as a seed money for the start of the 2016 campaign.”

An officer of the party in the Volta region stated that “In as much as we demand the reinstatement of Chairman Afoko and all other suspended executives , i wish to note unequivocally that Chairman Afoko did no wrong to merit such utter dislike and persecution from Akufo-Addo, but only a victim of circumstances. To us in the Volta region, we view this illegal suspension of Chairman Afoko by Akufo-Addo  as a threat to the future survival of this party and the party’s constitution. We have read widely and witnessed how the Chairman of the disciplinary committee Reverend Asanti Antwi and Peter Mc Manu betrayed their conscience in court as witnesses . Already, news sources have reported that, fanatics of Akufo-Addo are claiming to have “seen” the judge. However, We are hopeful and praying to God to grant Justice Anthony Yeboah , the wisdom and courage to uphold the truth that will restore sanity into the NPP”

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