NPP Chairman Threatens Acid Attack On AssemblyMan

Threats and intimidation is fast becoming a norm within the body of the once a peaceful and accommodating New Patriotic Party. It will be recalled that Former Spokesperson to President Kufour, Mr Andy Awuni has been engaging the public in expressing his disagreement with regards to the injustice and illegal suspension of the National Chairman of the NPP, General Secretary and Second Vice chairman; just like several others such as Dr Nyaho Tamaklo, Dr Arthur Kobbina Kennedy, Dr Kwame Piani, Mr Frank Agyekum, to mention few.
Days later, there was a press statement emanating from a certain self-styled Upper East Regional Chairman, one Murtala. Sadly and unfortunately, that statement from a supposed Regional Chairman instead of contesting the claims and arguments raised by Mr Awuni, rather was riddled with insults, venomous remarks and tasteless descriptions directed at attacking the person and family of Mr Andy Awuni. The ‘so called’ regional chairman indeed made distasteful attacks on the good family of Mr Andy Awuni and this has never gone down well with the family and friends of Mr Awuni in Bongo, at all.

Subsequently, a group of organized Youths in the region released a statement calling the bluff of the so called regional chairman and asking him to render penitence for threading such untidy path. Additionally a group of party members in the Bongo constituency led by a disciplinarian Mr Baba Timothy, who doubles as an Assembly Man of Vea in the Bongo Constituency and a ardent card bearing member of the NPP party as well as other colleagues of his, decided to organize a Press conference on Monday 11th April 2016 .

The Press conference was to call on the supposed Regional Chairman to apologise for his unwelcome and disparaging remarks , call on all other residents and party supporters to allow the spirit of camaraderie, sanity, unity and mutual respect to reflect in their daily political activities as the November Polls cast its shadows. This peaceful exercise to be embarked upon was rather stampeded by unseen hands who called and threatened the available media in the constituency never to honor the invite. Later , the convener Mr Baba Timothy was inundated with threatening messages and calls from unknown and faceless strangers. Six mobs besieged the school premises of where Mr Baba Timothy teaches in “Zorko Kanga” with the intention to attack Mr Timothy. Fortunately, Mr Timothy was absent. Among the six mobs is one Latif, identified as a driver to the former NPP Upper East Regional Organiser, Mahmood . Few hours later, Government entourage on their way to inspect a project sighted the self syled Upper East Regional Chairman with this Six rebels at an unusually strange location around Zorko Kanga. Out of curiosity, the government entourage questioned the Regional Chairman of what he could be doing as at that moment in such an usual location with such rebels. His answer was that ‘oh I was passing by and I saw them. So I decided to greet them” Apparently, it was later found out that , the Regional Chairman organized them to lay ambush attack on Mr Baba Timothy

Notable among the numbers that called to threaten him is this mobile number : 0204851859.
Mr Timothy has reported the incident to the District Police Commander and we hope the police takes the matter to with the seriousness it deserves.

The New Patriotic Party was formed on the principles of democracy, advancing Freedom and rights of the individual and a property owning democracy. Threats and intimidation from then totalitarian and oppressors rule was the reason why our forebears met in saltpond to form our tradition. Our tradition has survived military rule and oppression, hence we must not be seen us advancing undemocratic acts, forfeiting of individuals human rights and freedom through any form of means. Acts such as threatening and intimidation of dissenting views is alien to our tradition and we the PROMOTERS OF PEACE AND FREEDOM IN UPPER EAST REGION will at all times stand up against oppression and ensure the flourishing in the expression of each and every individual’s right and freedom in a safe and peaceful Upper East Region.

God bless our Homeland Ghana and make us resist Oppressors rule. Amen


Mr Baba Timothy: 0208971056/ 0245370748

Alhaji Kaseem: 0578411055

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