NPP can break the 8 with a new face not Bawumia – Addai-Nimo (Video)

Aspiring New Patriotic Party (NPP) flagbearer, Francis Addai -Nimoh popularly known as Fan has revealed that it is possible for the ruling New Patriotic Party to break the eight with a new presidential candidate but not Vice President Dr Mahmoud Bawumia.

Speaking in an interview with DJ Ohemaa Woyeje on Angel FM’s Y’ adwumanie show, Monitored by, the staunch member of the NPP mentioned three factors that would help the governing NPP break the conventional eight-year rule for political parties in the Fourth Republic.

During the interview, he explained the reasons behind his assertion that the party will need a fresh face and why Dr Mahmoud Bawumia is not capable of helping the party to break the 8.

According to him, this is a record that no party has been able to break with an “old face” so the party needs a new face. He explained that because Individuals grow tired of constantly seeing the same face, it is important the party presents a new face who is not in government currently.

He cited the late President Prof. John Evans Attah-Mills’ era and the fact that NDC was not able to break the 8 then because people were tired of him as he had served as the Vice-President prior to his emergence as the National Democratic Candidate for the 2000 general elections.

He emphasized on the fact that the incumbent President Nana Addo-Dankwa Akufo-Addo also could not help the NPP to break the 8 because he was also in key positions during H.E John Agyekum Kuffour’s time.

” If you check our history, no one within the incumbent government machinery from both parties has been able to help their party to break the 8”.

Mr. Addai-Nimoh also said in breaking the 8, the party must first be united.

He explained that there would be divergent views since the party is made of different individuals however, he called for unity in diversity, which he believes is necessary for the party to progress.

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