NPP Boys Take Over National Identification In Bono East

The Bono East Regional branch of the opposition National Democratic Congress, NDC, has accused the ruling New Patriotic Party, NPP of recruiting party faithful to serve as registration officers for National Identification Authority ‘s ongoing nationwide exercise currently taking place in the region.

The opposition NDC youth wind has detected attempt by the registration officers who are card bearing members of NPP serving as registration officers disenfranchising Ghanaians on the ground of partisan reasons.

Youth wind of the Regional NDC is therefore calling on the civil society, the clergy and the well meaning Ghanaians to call the NIA and the ruling NPP to order.


Fellow Countrymen,Nananom of the various Traditional Councils across the length and bredth of the Bono East Region, Ladies and Gentlemen. It is a fact worth sharing that the all important National Identification Registration Programme which  started in the Bono East Region about a week ago has been hijacked by the ruling NPP Administration recruiting her apparatchiks to serve their selfish, self seeking,parochial partisan agenda.We the members of the Bono East Regional Youth Wing of the NDC have been following the ongoing N.I.A. registration programme since it started in our beloved region- Bono East and we wish to make our observations public to all stakeholders for the necessary precautional  measures to be taken.

*1.REGISTRATION AND PROVISION OF INSTANT N.I.A. CARDS TO NPP APPARATCHIKS*: immediately after the training programme for recruits for the registration programme in Bono East Region which was held at the Bonokyempim Hall at Techiman- the Capital , registeration and instant issuance of N.I.A cards to *NPP APPARATCHIKS* comprising Polling Station, Constituency and Regional Executives. They also provided such cards to their comunicators and footsoldiers and these party faithfuls are using it to serve their parochial party interest by guaranteeing for their party members who do not have birth certificates,driving license and other requirements that qualifies an individual to be registered for the N.l.A. card.

*2. INTIMIDATION OF NON- NPP MEMBERS AND OUR BROTHERS FROM THE ZONGO COMMUNITY* : There is deliberate attempt to disallow our brothers and sisters from the Zongo Communities from taking part in this all important exercise. These NPP APPARATCHIKS operating with the N.I.A. tags any person with a Zongo assent or wearing ‘jalabab’ (long lslamic robe) or putting on ‘hijab'(veil) as a Malian,Nigerian,Burkinabey thereby asking them intimidating and unwarranted questions and finally disqualifying them from taking part in the registration exercise. Fellow Countrymen,it is good we remind ourselves that the likes of our First Lady Her Excellency Madam Samira Bawumia and the brother Abu Ramadan the Deputy National NADMO Coordinator are abound all over Ghana hence such persons should not be tagged as Non Ghanaians in the name of wicked,self seeking and barbaric politicking by the ruling NPP and her apparatchiks.

*3.SOME TRIBES TAGGED AS NOT BELONGING TO GHANA*: One of the barbaric moves being perpetrated by these *NPP APPARATCHIKS* with the N.I.A. Team is to tag Zongo tribes such as Hausa,Fulani,Zabarima,Moshi and Songhai (Gao) as alien tribes and do not have hometowns in Ghana hence do not qualify to be registered mean while ,

*Madam Samira Bawumia and the brother Abu Ramadan* have been registered though both belongs to the Fulani tribe. ” What is good for the goose is equally good for the gander”.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is clear that the ongoing National Identification Authority Registration Exercise in Bono East  Region has been hijacked by the New Patriotic Party and her Apparatchiks perpetuating devilish act against the good people of Ghana most especially our brethren from the Zongo Community. We are on this note telling the ruling NPP Nana Addo led administration to declear the ongoing *N.I.A. REGIONAL REGISTRATION EXERCISE IN BONO EAST AS AN NPP PROGRAMME FOR THEIR PARTY FAITHFULS AND NOT THE GOOD PEOPLE OF BONO EAST REGION.*

Also,the likes of Tony Blair,Kofi Gyarko who are known NPP Communicators in Techiman South as well as the Organizer,Youth Organizer and Treasurer of NPP in Sene East should know that what their party has dutied them to do is being keenly monitored by the good people of the Bono East Region and that *“POWER IS TRANSIENT”*.
We end by solemnly promising all Ghanaians who the NPP and her Apparatchiks are deliberately disallowing them from taking part in the registration exercise most especially our brethren from the Zongo Community that the next NDC government led by His Excellency John Dramani Mahama will not allowed Ghanaians to witness such undemocratic act by this wicked NPP government.

1.We the youth of Bono East are demanding That the days for the registration exercise should be extended to allow all those
  affected by the machinations of the wicked  NPP  which made them not able to register.

2.We also call on all our  International Communities,  Traditional Authorities, Civil Society Organizations, Imams and the Clergy to come in as a matter of urgency to intervene into matter.

3 the laws of this Country are very clear as who is a Ghanaian therefore we the are not expecting a Lawyer with Good standing like President Nana Addo using his political powers to infringe on the right of ordinary Ghanaian. We however calling on Nana Government to stop discriminating, intimidating and harassing  against our people from the Bono East  to register.

The 1992 constitution is clear about who is a Ghanaian and who qualify to be a Ghanaian
Thank you.
Bilal Muazu Sulemana  ( *Regional Youth Organizer of NDC- Bono East*).
.054 840 1442

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