NPP accuses Mahama of setting up ‘chaos fund’

Ghana’s biggest opposition political grouping, the New Patriotic Party (NPP), has alleged the government has a slush fund aimed at fueling chaos in the Elephant family ahead of the 2016 elections.

According to the party’s acting chairman Freddie Blay, with President John Mahama desperate to stay in power in spite of his abysmal performance, government has sanctioned the formation of a crack team, supported by elements in the National Security set up, to make the job of attempting to damage the NPP a top priority.

“To the ruling NDC, creating confusion in the NPP is a more competent and convenient way to gain electoral advantage than fixing the myriad of problems they have visited on the country. We are aware of the tens of millions of Ghana Cedis in slush funds dedicated to this special project,” Blay alleged.

Blay also disclosed that the NPP knows of individuals “including two heads of important organizations, whose job it is to fund and fuel this evil plot.”

President Mahama, according to the acting NPP Chairman, is desperate and believes he can use this fiction of confusion to snatch for his party a third consecutive term in office, adding that “he has started with the focus of his recent campaign speeches.”

He continued, “These attacks on the NPP, and the deliberate dragging of the party’s image in the mud have followed a clear pattern in the last year or so. Our major worry is that the plot is getting thicker and more deadly. We believe if we do not bring focus to this evil plot now, more lives could be lost and our democracy could be severely damaged. We cannot accept this. We have come too far as a nation for a return to the ‘dark days’ of the culture of silence.”

Mr. Blay urged National Security personnel and others who have made it their industry to invest in the creation of confusion and sponsoring raids and physical attacks to stop.

“PLEASE STOP! Stop being used for evil. Your job is to protect the people and not to destroy!” he added.

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