No tour guide on site at Kintampo falls where students perished

There were no tour guides at the Kintampo waterfall site where about 20 students who perished after a tree fell on them following heavy rainstorm.

According to Nana Effah Guarkuro,Chief of Kyeremankoma, where the incident occurred, not a single tour guide was present at the site and that might have contributed to the disaster.

Speaking on Citi Fm Breakfast show, he said the situation could have been managed if tour guides were present since they could have avoided the children from staying at the site when the rainstorm was setting in.

He added that, guides at the Kintampo waterfall site were sacked by some supporters of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), when the party came into office.

“It was initially managed by the Chiefs, but after the elections, some members of the NPP claimed that their government is in power and went and took over the place. The case was reported to the Police, the Regional Commander of Police was also here and I reported to him. But nobody has been there since December till this time. NPP foot soldiers have driven out the people who managed the place,” the Chief said.

He added that “when people come, they drive them to different places and told them what to do and what not to do. They have all been driven away. Nobody is there, I was only there with some press men.”

The incident saw about 18 students of both Wenchi Senior High School and University of Energy and Natural Resources losing their lives.

Government officials are expected to visit the site while visitors are not allowed to tour the waterfalls till the place returns to its normal state.

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