No Politician Has Been chased Out By Youth Of Dalung- From the Chief’s Palace.

We wish to correct an impression attached to a video in circulation on social media, that suggests that Hon. Ras Mubarak and his constituency leadership were chased away from the chief’s palace.

We want to put on record that no politician whatsoever has been chased out from the chief’s palace by irate youth. The chief and people of Dalung are peace loving people whose doors are always open to anyone including politicians. Democracy is about opinions and divergent views which we the people and our traditional leaders so much believe in.

In as much as we have genuine developmental concerns, we won’t put the laws in our own hands and subject people to such uncalled for character as displayed in the video in circulation on social media and WhatsApp.

This said video in circulation has subjected our traditional leader, indigenes and visitors alike to ridicule and thuggery. We vehemently condemn this video and its associated connotations being an attempt to give the impression that we are rowdy and violent especially toward politicians. We emphatically state that we people of Dalung are peace loving people and our doors are opened to any Ghanaian who knocks on our door.

We want to equally assure our indigenes and true lovers of Dalung living beyond that there is not cause for alarm, we are enjoying our cherished and known peace.

We will advice political parties that turn to fan such mischief to desist from such lies. Dalung is not a place to that entertains thuggery.

Long live the chief

Long live the people of Dalung

Long live Ghana

Mr. Shani Mahama

Son and spokes person of Dalung Chief.


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