After playing for the Kumasi polytechnic football team in the 2005 inter polytechnic games, I decided to start going to the gym to GAIN some muscles on my slim body because I was always training to ensure I keep my body in shape to be able to play football.

I entered the gym for the first time at Kwadaso and boldly written on the walls of the gym were the words “NO PAIN NO GAIN”. I asked the instructor how that is related to body building and he told me that I will understand with time.

My first week at the gym was truly a painful experience and I bet anybody who has been to the gym before will confirm this. My whole body ached to the extent that I was even finding it difficult to brush my teeth but after training through the PAIN for about a month, I began seeing the GAINS made. People began telling me how great my shirts looked on me with my well cut muscles showing.

The gym instructor took a picture with me and asked me to tell him the difference between my current state and my state when I came to the gym on the first day and I told him that I have gained muscles and most of my shirts that looked big on me in the past fit me well now. He laughed and told me that “NO PAIN NO GAIN”. I got an answer to how PAIN and GAIN are related to building the body.

This experience of mine can be related to the story of Ghana under President Mahama. Yes, we had to endure and live through PAIN to GAIN muscles in the form of infrastructure to make our shirts in the form of our economy fit us well instead of being loose on us.

We had to go through PAIN in the form of replacing teacher and nursing trainee allowance with the student loan scheme to ensure we are able to train more teacher and nurses as we as build more schools and hospitals to accommodate them after training. Please don’t be deceived that the nursing trainee has been brought back because what they are enjoying now is an abated allowance to cushion them till they are migrated unto the students loan scheme. We now have 123 new community day shs with about 70 ready and the GES giving about 40 the approval to admit students this academic year, 4 regional hospitals, 3 institutional hospitals, more than 30 district hospitals and polyclinics, over 2000 CHPS compounds and other massive infrastructures in the health and educational sectors to show as the muscles GAINED by enduring the PAIN that we endured as a nation and it will only make our economy which can be deemed our shirt fit us well going forward.

One PAIN we endured as a nation to GAIN muscles under president Mahama is the validation of workers in the public sector before getting their salaries. We were using over 70% of our earnings as a nation to pay workers due to the “ghost names” menace. Government had to take steps to curb this by undertaking series of activities like head count and validation which meant people had to travel to various offices with their certificates and other documents before getting their salaries and that was stressful but let’s look at the muscles gained. Despite employing over 20,000 nurses and even about 16,000 teachers just this year, we now use a little over 50% to pay workers in the public sector today. Some of the monies saved resulted in some of the massive infrastructural development we see all around us and reflect the muscles we have GAINED as a nation by enduring PAIN.

So the next time you are told that infrastructure is of no essence and we have gone through PAIN under president Mahama’s government, tell them that the massive roads, schools, hospitals and infrastructure we see around us today are the muscles we GAINED and have to show for enduring the PAIN and it will make our shirt (economy) fit us and look good on us henceforth. Let the understand that “NO PAIN NO GAIN”.


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