No Music Genre In Ghana Can Make It Internationally –Joppo Ranks

USA based Ghanaian Dancehall Artiste, Joppo Ranks, Who has a Unique and true Jamaican Dancehall rhythm, has revealed to Razz Newspaper that, it will be difficult for any Ghanaian musician or any Ghanaian music genre to break through world markets.

With over 20 years stay abroad; he is confident to state that, no Ghanaian act or genre of music can make it internationally.

“All the noise Ghanaian musicians make here ends up in the Ghanaian communities in America and Europe, That’s not to say we can’t break through, we can break through if we realize our mistakes and make corrections, 2face was able to break through with African Queen so it means we can also break through if we do our homework well” He told RazzOnline.Com

Joppo Ranks who’s known in real life as Fetus Sowah added that, for us to break through we should change our genres of music.

“All our genres of music can never break through the world market, from the Dance-hall, Hiplife and the Highlife” He added

According to him, Ghanaian Dancehall music which sounds like Hiplife can’t make any impact in the world market because the Jamaicans who brought Dancehall music are struggling to make waves.

Speaking about his music career, he said his music is more of the Jamaican dance-hall and that he has been doing dancehall music for about 10 years now,but because he’s abroad he’s not really opened to the Ghanaian communities so decided to come home and start his career.

Currently, Joppo Ranks is working on releasing his album titled “Haters” which has the genres, Dancehall and hiplife music on it.


Mustapha Inusah/RazzOnline.Com

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