No gov’t has fought corruption better than Mahama’s – Nketia

The canker of corruption is a major issue which all the political party leaders hope to deal with when given the mandate to lead the country but the General Secretary of the ruling NDC, Johnson Asiedu Nketiah says President Mahama is fighting graft head-on.

According to him, there is no gain-saying the fact that no government since the advent of the 1992 constitutional regime has ever fought corruption better than President Mahama’s administration.

Commenting on the NPP’s Presidential Candidate, Nana Akufo Addo’s constant accusations of pervasive acts of corruption within Mahama’s regime, General Mosquito as the NDC General Secretary is affectionately called, reiterated that the current administration’s track record against fighting corruption is far better than government in the annals of the country’s political history.

“No government ever has fought corruption better than Mahama government; there is no denying this fact because the record is there for everybody to see. If we are to depend on the speculations of Nana Addo in his desire to fight corruption, then we won’t move on as a country.

“The record of NDC fighting corruption is far better than any government which has emerged under this constitutional regime. When you check from the survey of Transparency International, it is very clear”, he insisted.

To the NDC Chief Scribe, it will be an act of intellectual dishonest for any rightful thinking person to blame corruption on President Mahama due to the fact that he has made his government accessible and transparent enough to expose the canker and allow the law to deal with those accused of being he crime.

“Those who know how to fight corruption expose the canker first and then deal with it but those who shield corruption in their government are not ready to fight corruption. We are fighting corruption better than NPP and it is clear that NDC is exposing corruption and the law is dealing with those who are named and that is the democratic way to fight corruption”, he stressed.

General Mosquito however urged the other political party leaders to come up with a better way of fighting sleaze if they believe President Mahama has failed so far in nibbing corruption in the bud.

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