Nigeria needs Mahama to rescue ailing economy – Dele Momodu

Nigerians are clamoring for Ghana’s president John Mahama to assist their leader Muhammadu Buhari to fix challenges bedeviling the populous West African country.

According to Chief Dele Momodu, a Nigerian politician and publisher of Ovation International magazine, Nigerians believe Mahama can help revive the economy of Nigeria and boost the infrastructural base of the country.

“With all the resources available to some countries in West Africa, I don’t see these anywhere.

In fact right now, Nigerians are saying they want to beg Mahama to come and work for them for three months, yes, that is how serious it is.

“The Nigerian economy is undergoing serious crises. The economic decline of the Nigerian state has negatively affected the lives of the populace.

Prices of goods and services are rising daily while the income of the populace remains stagnant creating excruciating economic conditions for the citizens,” he said.

Speaking to the media in Koforidua in the Eastern region after the regional launch of Ovation International Magazine on Friday, Chief Dele called on Ghanaians to be proud of their President and retain him in power to complete the transformation process to improve living standards

He said the developmental projects executed by the Mahama-led government, is unprecedented in West Africa.

Chief Dele, who is a former presidential candidate in Nigeria, opined during the interaction segment of the launch with actress Sandra Ankobea, that even though previous governments contributed their quota to the development of the country, “President John Mahama is in a class of his own.”

Chief Dele discounted allegations by the largest opposition party the New Patriotic Party that he is doing the bidding of Mahama ahead of the December 7 polls.

“We are largely a developmental magazine, so what should I produce? Should I say Nana Akufo-Addo has built a hospital or should I say he has built a school, so when people ask those things, maybe because they don’t know the type of magazines I publish… so if Nana is President of Ghana, and he is producing these things and I don’t publicize it then you can hold me that I am very unfair so we are looking at the man who is in government now and like I explained, when [John] Kufuor was there that was exactly what we did for him, we did same for Rawlings,” he added.

According to him, the Ghanaian media have refused to show the beautiful things happening in the country hence the move by Ovation International Magazine to make them available to Ghanaians. Starrfmonline

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