I am a Ghanaian who lived in Nigeria all my adolescent period with the nicky, Abiola. Some people doubt my Ghanaian root simply because I have full grasp of issues or happenings in Nigeria. I am seen as a prophet because most of my writings about Nigeria, on my Nigerian platforms seem to be real.

I fear for Nigeria in as much as I fear for Ghana. A prophet (man is a spiritual being) once told me Nigeria and Ghana have a bond, spiritual bond. It began with Nkrumah and Nnamdi Azikiwe, Rawlings and Abacha got so well. Even when Obasanjo was President, Kufuor jollied along nicely. Then came Uncle Atta and Yar’dua. One dies, the other follows.. Twin countries.

Goodluck Ebere Jonathan took over the leadership mantle whiles John Dramani Mahama did same. PDP lost her first election to APC even though stars like 2Face Idibia now known as 2Baba, basket mouth and several celebrities endorsed GEJ, he lost the election. JDM’s story is not different.

After Buhari took over power, he seized cars of past government officials, made the EFCC chase a number of them without focusing on the Nigerian economy leading to recession, now Buhari is in London for his leave (resting after sending Nigeria to deepened abject poverty. It is a rumored fact that Buhari may not come back to Nigeria the way he went(criticize this opinion because you are a hypocrite). He may be a Yar’adua soon. It is being reported that he cannot speak because of the treatment he underwent.

We don’t want a repeat of recent times, it is very costly to organize a state burial. I am therefore urging all Ghanaians to pray for Buhari so that Ghana will be happy, at least till 2020. Buhari is the president of Ghana.

As for the Ghanaian economy, it would be something else. Price of transport will increase in February, petrol will increase too commodities will increase, the cedi will depreciate against major currencies, government redundancy amongst others.. Ghana will not die irrespective of all the expected challenges.

Back to Nigeria, should the unfortunate thing happen, the APC will split. The North will suspect the Bola Tinubu faction and want to cause disaffection for the vice president from Yoruba land. Now that Obasanjo seem to be harsh in Buhari, and the intellectual house within the Yoruba fraternity which includes Woke Soyinka publicly hitting hard at the government of the day. A section of the North-North have declared Nigeria ungovernable in the absence of Buhari, the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) is up in arms against the government, things will be messy in the coming days. There may be a repeat of Biafra..

Ndigbo is watching and preparing a comeback, there may be bombing of oil pipelines soonest.. So many issues to talk about.. The question I will ask is, what will happen to Ghana?? God have mercy..

Edem Koku Edem

What do you think?

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