Nigel Gaisie sleeps with other people’s wives – John Kumah’s widow alleges

Apostle Lilian Kumah, the wife of the late John Kumah has slammed Prophet Nigel Gaisie for his prophecy on the health of the former Deputy Minister for Finance.

She said the popular man of God is a fake prophet and he knew about the health of John Kumah before he prophesied about it.

Mrs. Kumah in an interview on Accra based Asaase Radio alleged that facts available to her point to the fact that Nigel Gaisie’s extramarital affairs have led to his wife packing out of their matrimonial home and in effect, abandoning their marriage.

She also stated that Gaisie has had a very bad record wherever his [so-called ministry] has sent him to the extent that none of the churches he has visited in the past are willing to invite him any longer because of the weakness that follows him everywhere he goes.

“What is surprising to me is that Nigel Gaisie claims that he is a prophet but goes about sleeping with other people’s wives but God has not been able to reveal his ungodly acts to him. He claims to see all that concerns prominent people in Ghana but the extramarital affairs that have caused his wife to leave their marital home has not come to his attention.

“I say on authority that the reason why he is no longer welcomed to several ministries in Ghana is that everywhere he has visited, he went after people’s wives and slept with them which led to the breaking of several homes,” Apostle Lilian Kumah said.

“Nigel Gaisie is not a true man of God, he is a fake prophet and a cheap liar. I dare him to disclose the reason why my family and I cut him off and why he is unable to go to the Church of God in Obuasi. He should be praying to God to reveal his bad ways to him and to give him strength to stop going after other people’s wives,” she added.

Apostle Mrs Lilian Kumah who disclosed this in an exclusive interview with Asaase News noted that her family decided to cut ties with Nigel Gaisie after they heard that he had used the facts that they supplied to him voluntarily because of the relations they had with him to prophesy doom during his watch night service 31 December.

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