Next NDC govt will not engage in bizarre expenditure – Adongo

21st March 2023

The Member of Parliament for the Bolgatanga Central constituency, Isaac Adongo, says the next National Democratic Congress (NDC) government will not engage in bizarre expenditure that will plunge the country into an economic quagmire.

He assured that the next NDC government will cut down on expenditures that are mostly occasioned by bloated government size.

Speaking on the Point of View on Citi TV, with Bernard Avle, Mr. Adongo assured that, “what we will bring to government is a vision of creating wealth, creating infrastructure and leveraging investment to grow the economy without necessarily putting them on the balance sheets of Ghana”.

He stressed, “in terms of managing the fiscals, we have an opportunity as a government to save Ghana from the rising expenditure levels that are occasioned by some of the bizarre things you see in government. John Mahama has told us that he will not run a large size government. You know the implications of running a small size-government that automatically translates into expenditure cuts”.

The outspoken lawmaker emphasised that an NDC government will not add on to the expenditures incurred by the Akufo-Addo government.

“We have an opportunity to start an expenditure from the scratch. We are not obliged to continue to add on to the inefficient expenditures that the government has been incurring. If you look at the office of the President, you saw all the bizarre appointments, our national chairman Johnson Asiedu Nketiah talked about, that are consuming a lot of money,” he underscored.

Listing some of the alternatives NDC will do to salvage the economy, he explained that, “we will re-align our expenditures, we will cut down on expenditure where we will run a fiscal regime that is sensitive and will slow down our deficit and make us capable of balancing fiscal deficit”.

The MP for Bolgatanga Central added, “create a vehicle for transformation of our economy, reduce the size of government, create a particular vehicle which will supervise Ghana Investment Promotion which operates as an orphan sitting in the office of the president where there are so many children, and he doesn’t know the value of that entity. We need to harmonise and have direct cabinet supervision”.

According to him, the NDC government will grow palm trees to reclaim lands destroyed by mining activities.

“There’s the need to develop the next cocoa for Ghana, cocoa is becoming a problem. We have a plan to transform green Ghana into funding for the next generation of cocoa which will be palm. Several palms will be grown across the country where we need to reclaim lands that have been degraded by mining,” Mr. Adongo stated.

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