New National ID card unveiled

The next stop of the registration van will be areas in the Central, Western and Brong Ahafo Regions. The rest of the regions will later follow. That’s according to the Authority.

Ghanaians resident in other countries have not been left out of the registration process. An opportunity will be given to them to register for the card at a fee wherever they are.

The new identification system was an outcome of a private public partnership with the Margins Group, tasked to make the new ID cards.

Margins Group CEO, Moses Baiden described the new card as the most secured Identification card with about 14 international security features.

It also has a multi-purpose function, he told the media.

Another new feature of the card is the passport and ECOWAS logos on it which allow it to be used in place of a passport across ECOWAS member countries.

Mr. Baiden explained one of the functions of the new card is that apart from it being a national identification card, it will also be linked to one’s bank account to enhance modern payment systems.

The new ID card is expected to have a lifespan of 10 years after which it will be renewable at a fee to be determined by the Authority.

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