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STRANEK-AFRICA is not satisfied with the new update on the three (3) missing Takoradi girls disclosed by the Special Police Operation which took place 2nd August 2019 at Kansaworodo in the Takoradi Municipality.

We wish to mull on the findings of the Special Police Operation as to whether the remains found is really the bodies from the missing Takoradi girls. We are pondering because Ghanaian are told the remains are from two bodies and on the other hand, from 3 bodies. However, press release isssued by the Ghana Police Service on Saturday 3rd August, at 7:15 am made no mention of the human representation of the retrieved human remains.

Secondly, we call on the Ghana Police CID to as a matter of urgency, conduct a DNA test on the remains to establish whether the specimen in their possession represents the missing girls.

We are also calling on the Ghana Police CID to make known to the public the state of the information extracted from the kidnapper, Samuel Udoetuk-Wills regarding the whereabout of the missing girls and how it relates to the human remains found. This is very paramount in establishing the identities of the remains retrieved and psychological and emotional healing of the victims parents, families and Ghanaians at large.

STRANEK-Africa also wishes to advise the Ghana Police CID to broaden their scope beyond the alleged kidnapper in their possession regarding kidnapping and human killing in Ghana. Samuel Udoetuk-Wills may only be a tip of the iceberg.

Finally, a scan through the Ghana Police official website ( as at 4:15 pm also points to no update on the whereabout of the missing girls.

It is for these mind-boggling concerns we support the demand for a forensic investigation and DNA test to conclude on the identities of the retrieved human remains.

STRANEK-Africa will be monitoring to see a convincing outcome of this tragic issue.


Adjoa Tima Boafo

Director of Women Affairs

Nii Tettey Tetteh

Executive Director

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