NDC’s Fritz Baffour slams gov’t over Gitmo saga

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) MP for Ablekuma South Fritz Baffour has taken a swipe at his government over the poor handling of the Guantanamo Bay ex-detainees saga.

Two ex-inmates of the US fortified penitentiary have been relocated to the West African country over a period of two years under a special programme.

Their presence has heightened fears of Ghanaians including the Christian Council of Ghana and the Catholic Bishops Conference among others who have impressed on the John Mahama-led administration to send them back.

Speaking on the issue, the lawmaker, who is the chairman of the Parliamentary Select Committee on Defense and Interior noted: “Ghanaians in the main are not happy and my Government did not handle the process well, however good intentioned.”

Below is his full statement on Facebook:

Good morning folks! We are just under two weeks into the new year and it is as if events in Ghana have shot off the starting blocks faster than Usain Bolt! Firstly, it was revealed, at the end of last week, that our Government had agreed to host for two years, two former detainees from the infamous Guatanamo Bay penitentiary which houses America’s most dangerous military prisoners. This was an unbelievable gesture to many Ghanaians. What in the world, would make our ruling powers take such a decision?

This was the question on the lips of the informed and uninformed in our society. Well, yesterday, our esteemed President in a press conference to mark the third anniversary of his assumption to the Presidency of Ghana, gave his reasons for accepting the two, deemed as terrorists by America, into our fold. President Mahama, cited moral and compassionate grounds, as well as arcane, diplomatic and top secret considerations in granting asylum to the men from the Middle East. My take on the matter is, any which way you can, Ghanaians in the main are not happy and my Government did not handle the process well, however good intentioned.

The second event which also caught the headlines, was the “case of the heroic taxi driver”. The media is all agog with the taxi driver who foiled an armed robbery by using his vehicle as a battering ram to push the miscreants off their motorbike as they tried to escape the crime scene. Plaudits to the taxi driver came from far and near, former President Rawlings, Vice President Amissah Arthur and Koala, the company whose employee was attacked all got in on the act in lauding the newly minted hero. I read in the papers that he has been rewarded with a new car from the aforementioned company. Our President has also promised him a house. Great largesse eh! Some amateur comedians in our midst are warning of a possible avalanche of crime fighting by taxi drivers in the hope of reaping such rewards. I join in congratulating the daring driver but believe there is an element of overkill with regards to his compensation.

The third event that comes to mind is the arrest of protesting nurses and teachers in front of Flagstaff house, home of the presidency. Twenty one aggrieved Ghanaians who feel let down by the system, go on a peaceful demonstration in a security zone and are apprehended by the police, I believe they should be cautioned and let go. I say this, because all governments in Ghana brag about their great achievements in the education and health sectors, so why the hell are we not employing qualified teachers and nurses, pronto, to man all the structures we are building!
Folks, Sometimes, one has to put the sweetness and light aside when it concerns this great country of ours. Rose tinted spectacles could lead you into a ditch. On a final note JDM smoked yesterday! Good on you chief! Till next time, be careful out there!

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