NDC@24: My Govt’s Achievements Have Received Recognition Beyond The Shores of Ghana – Prez Mahama

The massive infrastructural development, stability in the economy and thousands of jobs created throughout the country under the current administration shows that Ghana is moving forward in the right direction, President John Dramani Mahama has said.

Prez Mahama, speaking at the 24th anniversary of the formation of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) at the party’s headquarters on Friday June 10, noted that every Ghanaian, whether old or young, deserves a decent life, hence, his quest to ensure that there is equitable distribution of the national cake to benefit everyone.

“…This is our belief: social democracy and that is why, notwithstanding the challenges of a lower-middle income economy in an area of global economic volatility, we have still striven to ensure massive infrastructural development, stabilised the economy, created many jobs and are still creating more through significant flagship programmes such as the Komenda Sugar factory, the business processing outsourcing centre near the Nkrumah Circle Interchange, among many others.

“We have also endeavoured to connect to the people through transparent and accountable governance, and above all, we remain committed to our first pillar of putting the people first.”

President Mahama said his government’s achievements have received recognition beyond the shores of Ghana. “…All around us, we have witnessed the significant works we have done in education and health care and the other social sectors. This is recognised not only nationally, but globally and internationally. We are moving forward in the right direction and we are changing the lives of our people and we are transforming our country Ghana.”

He used the occasion to thank all members of the NDC, whether alive or deceased, who contributed to the strengthening of the party since its formation.

“…To our founding members, who have been honoured here today, I say ‘ayekoo’. We are eternally grateful to you for initiating the process that has elevated the NDC to emerge as the party that on a standardised basis has constituted the most to the development of our dear nation Ghana. Some are old and weak, others have passed on to eternity, others are here today and have been honoured, but to all of you, posthumously or in life, we salute you and we are eternally grateful to you,” he said.

He added: “To my predecessors, President Jerry John Rawlings and President John Evans Atta Mills of blessed memor, I also say ‘ayekoo’, we salute you”.

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