NDC will disintegrate if we lose 2024 elections – Doe Adjaho

14 November 2022

A former Speaker of Parliament, Edward Doe Adjaho, has urged members of the National Democratic Congress to ensure that the NDC wins the 2024 elections, otherwise the party will disintegrate.

Speaking at the NDC’s Volta Regional Delegates Conference in Ho on Saturday, the former MP for the Avenor-Ave constituency now Akatsi South, called on party members to sacrifice to ensure the party achieves its target in the next elections.

“We are a social democratic party, we put people at the centre of what we do so please I beg you, colleagues I beg you, we have to win the 2024 elections otherwise NDC will be disintegrated, let’s sacrifice for this party for once,” Mr Doe Adjaho said.

Mr Doe Adjaho also has charged members of the party to be united and remain focused as the current economic crisis is not sufficient to guarantee the party a victory in the 2024 general elections.

“The statement is that we should not be complacent as a party. The mid-term elections in the United States have taught us that hardship alone, inflation and the economy cannot win an election…So let us not be complacent.”

“Hardship is a factor, and cost of living is a factor, but it is not sufficient. We have to work hard, we have to be united and present a united front in this region and in the party,” Doe Adjaho said.

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