Are NDC Supporters Asking Too Much Of President Mahama?

Shame on all those, who are putting pressure on the President, John Dramani Mahama, to suddenly turn himself into Commando, and storm the prisons to break the Muntie three out of jail, the story unfolding before us is not a Hollywood movie.

Shame on all those, who are threatening not to campaign or vote for the president, if he does not invoke Article 72, of the 1992 Constitution.

I have a news flash for them, the National Democratic Congress (NDC), had not and cannot win, any election on the strength of their members, but with the collaborative effort and support of the undecided voters, known as floating voters.

We all reserve the right to condemn the harsh sentence handed down to the Muntie three, but in doing so, we must be circumspect in our utterances and actions.

Surprisingly, people have suddenly popped up and want to behave like they are more Catholic than the Pope, they want us to understand that, they love the NDC, more than the President and certainly love the Muntie three more than the President.

We are govern by rule of law, this is not a banana republic, those who think they love this country than the president, should not seek to pitch the president against the court, by demanding the impossible from him.

Some who from the look of things have nothing better to do with their time, are threatening to beseech the Flagstaff House, until the president, listens to their plea. What exactly they expect him to do is still troubling my mind.

If these people believe and are convinced that, they love the president and the party, what they should do is to deploy all the solidarity and the apparent show of love to ensure that, the President emerges victorious after the ballots are counted on December 7.

The Supreme Court has spoken, a decision has been taken, and from the commentaries, it is obvious that, a lot of well-meaning people, feel the court, used a bulldozer to kill an ant.

But that being said, can we gloat over spilt milk forever. I did not know that, people can mobilize themselves in such numbers, within a short notice, where were these people, when the President embarked upon his ‘Accounting To The People Tour’, in some of the regions.

The President and the party, has less than four months to prepare for a crucial election, all those who care for the president and whose anger is borne out of the love for him, must demonstrate it by employing their time and resource to ensure a resounding victory for him.

Every day they spend trying to fight a war they cannot win, is a day wasted from ensuring that, the president wins by a landslide.

Some people are always late to a party, when they arrive; they want to be giving the front row seat, the water has already passed under the bridge, it is now that people have found their voice.

The President, if he had his way, would have ensured that, the trio were not hauled before the Supreme Court, if he has his way, he would have ensured that, they were set free, so those people who are calling on him to turn water into wine must cut him some slack.

We turn our leaders into demi-gods, we expect them to walk on water, when they fail to meet our expectation, we turn round and curse them.

The President, is dealing with serious matters of state, the dumsor has become like a sword of Damocles hanging around his neck, try as he does, the problem seem not to go away. He is having sleepless nights, he needs our support now more than ever, yet some people, want to compound his problems,
as if he does not care.

I am conscious of those reading this and shaking their heads as if I have lost my mind. I see them asking themselves, whether I rejoice in the fate that befell Salifu Maase, aka, ‘Mugabe’, Alistair Nelson and Godwin Ako Gunn.

I do not rejoice with those who do not see that, what goes around comes around, I am sorry for what happened to our brothers.
Society demands that we relate to others. We don’t really have to but the world we live in is structured that way. Be it at work or daily life, we confront the necessity to relate to others.

In fact, before this ruling I wrote a letter to the Justices of the Supreme Court, pleading with them to let the three gentlemen, walk free.

I felt that, the fact that, they were invited or summon, was enough punishment. The anxious moment they had to endure, was more than enough to let
them know that, they were wrong and will not repeat the blunder.

A lot of people shared my view, but when the Supreme Court, despite our pleas went ahead to hand down the sentence, they was nothing we could and no one to blame, but to stand in solidarity with them and pray for them.

What crime has the president committed for some self-styled adherents of the National Democratic Congress to be issuing warnings and threatening not to campaign for him.

The NDC, can be said not to support its own, this is a debate that we can have another day and find out why that is happening, but today is about our brothers who have sacrificed for us.

We will all have failed, if their sacrifice does not ensure that, President Mahama, is reelected. None of those people threatening not to vote the President, are aware of what awaits all of us in opposition. The true mark of a man, is the one who takes a bullet so that, others will have a better life, so isntaed of behaving like kids, we should see what the gentlemen did, as a sacrifice for all of us.

Like every great thing in life, we encountered impediments.

All great stories are about impediments that life throws on our path and the struggle to overcome them. Unfortunately, we are failing to overcome this one. The president must be spared these unnecessary pressures; he needs our support now, more than ever, if we ever cared for him.

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