NDC to set up Provident Fund for aging artistes

President John Mahama has announced plans to establish a Provident Fund for aging artistes should the National Democratic Congress (NDC) win power in the December polls.

The establishment of the fund, the president noted, is part of plans by the NDC government to provide better living condition for the aging artiste when they retire.

President John Mahama made the announcement during the presentation of the Highlights of the NDC Manifesto 2016 at the Banquet Hall, State House in Accra Tuesday night.

The president, who is the flagbearer of the NDC, revealed that, “We will establish a Provident Fund for aging artistes.”

Explaining the rationale behind establishing the fund, President Mahama noted thagt, “You find that a lot of these artistes, we like them very much, we like their music and all that but because of piracy and other things they are not able to make enough money or even when they make money and they are young, they don’t invest sufficiently so when they grow old, a lot of them become quite indigent and poor.”

“So the Ministry of Tourism Culture is going to set up a Provident Fund so that aging artistes can receive a small monthly stipend so that they don’t live in poverty and misery,” he added.

The issue of the welfare of veterans in the creative arts sector has been a key challenge affecting the industry.

The president, has on several occasions, step in to personally donate money for the medical and welfare needs of some renowned entertainment personalities notably, Nii Odoi Mensah and Bishop Bob Okalah, both have passed away.

Recently, actor Clement Bonney, popularly known as Mr Beautiful, on behalf of the President Mahama, made donations to some selected veterans in the creative arts industry.

Some of the veterans who benefited from the cash advance and foodstuff donations on the included Mc Jordan Amartey, Mr Mensah, Kohwe, Odompo, JA Adofo, CK Man, and Grace Nortey.

The president, as part of the Highlights of the NDC Manifesto 2016 presentation, also hinted that the NDC government will set up a film village in partnership with the private sector. He however did not statee where the village will be located.


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