NDC, NPP waste of Ghana’s time – Samia

Voting the ruling National Democratic Congress and the opposition New Patriotic Party over the last two decades has been a waste of Ghana’s time, Samia Nkrumah has said.

According to the daughter of Ghana’s first president, the two political parties have spent more time bickering than developing the nation in the respective years they have been in power.

Samia who is eyeing the flagbearer slot of the Convention People’s Party has asked Ghanaians to give her father’s party a chance in the November polls.

“We have been wasting our votes for the past twenty years voting for NDC and NPP because in reality, the structure of our economy has not changed.

“What has happened is that we have been selling our national assets and it will continue to do so, the Ghanaian is going to become more and more impoverished if the two party system is allowed to stay,” the former chairperson of the CPP told Paa Kwesi Asare on the Starr Midday News Sunday.

She added: “ We are going to overturn this system through a revolution at the ballot box ….it is time for Ghanaians to understand that voting NDC and NPP is a waste of your vote because it does not improve the quality of life of the people”.

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