Incompetent and Corruptible John Mahama has approved of 10% increase of Salaries for Article 71 office holders and he is entitled to 40% of the GHS 22, 809 monthly which is equal to GHS 9,123.6 plus other useless benefits to his family.

The unconcerned Mahama deliberately rushed to approved the 10% salaries increase and the annoying thing is that it is back dated to start from 2013. A clever thief strategy to reclaim the 20% reduction of the salary of Retired Young President and his appointees between 2013-2016.

Ghanaians are also keenly waiting for the ex-gratia package of John Mahama to be approved by NDC Parliamentary Majority.

Now as usual the infantile and unprofessional propagandists of NDC are blaming HE. Nana Addo, the President-Elect for accepting the GHS 22,809.

Nana and Mahama who is responsible for the approval of the GHS 22, 809?

I have a strong conviction that the incorruptible Nana Addo shall review and cut down the salaries of the Article 71 office holders especially that of the Presidency and the appointees of his administration. HE. Nana Addo shall NOT tolerate the wastage of financial resources & Disturbances to the Public Wage Bill/Public Purse

NDC, your 2020 JDM is too greedy and selfish. He want to chop 40% of 10% increase in Salaries for Article 71 office holders at the detriment of nurses and teachers training allowances.

Create-loot and Distribute-Mafias (2009-2016 NDC Team).

Razak kojo Opoku

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