The Council of Elders of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) never discussed Valerie Sawgerr and Former President Rawlings issue at its meeting last Tuesday. The matter was not part of issues discussed at the said meeting. Not unless that those speculating this falsehood were in a different meeting totally.

The public must treat with contempt the story. All the statements attributed to some of the council’s members are false. As we strive for excellence in integrity let’s also imbibe truthfulness as a guiding principle.

The fake story reported that the former President was begged not to respond to the alleged attacks unleashed on him by the former deputy Chief of Staff Madam Valerie Sawyerr. But immediately after the meeting, the former President responded to the alleged attack when he granted an interview to the press. The question is, how come the former President after the alleged apology will still comment on the issue. Members should not fall for tricks designed my some mischievous elements in the party to create unnecessary tension and disaffection.

Below is the fake story planted in the media by the faceless persons-

A Tuesday meeting by the opposition
National Democratic Congress, NDC, to
discuss details of the Professor Kwesi
Botchwey’s report ended up taking another
turn, as members of the Council of Elders
used the occasion to beg President John
Rawlings not to respond to attacks
unleashed on him by Former Deputy of Staff Valerie Sawyerr.
Dr. Sawyerr some few weeks ago released an acerbic article on the former president,describing him as an “agitated mosquito”
who has “buzzes” against his own party, when he should be focusing on the
corruption allegations against the current
“They say he booms … I say he buzzes …
like an agitated mosquito … looking for his next victim. Again, he heads for other Headsof State … describing their governance as
riddled with corruption. Is he trying to say
that his reign was unblemished or that his twin brother’s (President Akufo-Addo) reign
is unsullied? Really?”
Contents of the article were said to have angered some senior party officials, including
those on the council, who say the Dr.Sawyer over stepped her bounds.
“This same man worked with your late father and he never raised a finger at him,” a source quoted one of the elders from the party. “It is an unfortunate culture that most
of these Mahama appointees have developed
over the years, where they think insulting
elderly persons is the way to go, as we saw for more the four years.” The source said the party elders also took issues with pronouncements by former party
member Dr. Yao Obed Asamoah, who said in
an interview he congratulated Dr. Sawyerr for her attack on the former president.
“Obed Asamoah is an ingrate who doesn’t
deserve any
attention from any of us,” a member was quoted to have said. “He is an opportunist who only sees money and nothing else.”
Former President Rawlings, who sat through
the meeting, did not utter a word apart from
accepting the apology of the elders.

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