NDC Aluta Boys to protest release of NPP Boys

A National Democratic Congress (NDC) youth group in Tamale, NDC Aluta Boys says it is likely to strike during the upcoming fire festival in the area, to demonstrate their resentment over the release of 5 NPP boys by a Kumasi Appeals Court Wednesday.

The NDC Aluta boys who seemed irked by the ruling of the court, insisted that the rule of law have not prevailed on this matter.

A Kumasi Appeals Court on Wednesday, October 21 freed five members of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the case of the alleged murder of Alhassan Rashid, an activist of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), in 2009.

Rashid died in a clash between the NPP and NDC in Tamale.

The five – Yahuza Yakubu, Majeed Alhassan, Habib Mohammed Dagbana, Shaibu Alhassan and Moro Gundaana – were jailed by a Tamale High Court after being found guilty of the crime.

Consistent appeal by Lawyers of the 5 yielded results Wednesday, when an Appeals court in Kumasi freed the convicted persons.

But let to them alone, the NDC youth group preferred the 5 languish in jail for the crime, they accused the NPP boys of.

They say they will hit the streets soon to demand that their counterparts who are likewise serving jail term be released.

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NDC Aluta Boys to protest release of NPP Boys