The arrest, trial and incarceration of Ghanaian-born-Austrian citizen, Nayele Ametefe, to eight years in prison in the United Kingdom for carrying12 kg of cocaine worth $5 million, and ongoing processes to confiscate her properties by the Narcotics Control Board, have still not answered some lingering questions on how she managed to smuggled that amount of illicit drug through the Kotoka International Airport unnoticed, and who were the ‘powerful persons’ behind it.
What has even heightened the need to unravel the myth surrounding how Nayele Ametefe, also known as Ruby Adu Gyamfi, Ruby Mahama or Angel, beat the eagle eye security at KIA only to be arrested at Heathrow, was a statement made by a Senior Officer, Mark Owen, of the British Border Force, UK’s anti-narcotics smuggling unit at Heathrow, that it was strange for the “cocaine goddess” to travel through KIA with the weight of such narcotic substance without being noticed by the Ghanaian authorities.      
It is intriguing that despite the arrest and subsequent acquittal of some persons believed to have aided the drug lady to outsmart security officials at KIA, no question has haunted many Ghanaians more than who actually was the “guardian angel” of Nayele Ametefe to have been privileged to use the VVIP section of KIA?  
Though media reports have since her arrest, trial and conviction in the United Kingdom attempted to provide elaborate account, many pertinent questions are yet to be answered even though she has admitted her guilt and has served notice she was ready to bear the consequences.
For instance, Ghanaians are yet to know Nayele’s close associates, who she was with that fateful night before her arrest, the discussions that went on and who indeed, ‘actually’ aided her and her two colleagues in the use of the VVIP lounge?
While these questions remain unanswered, Ghanaians would also be interested in knowing how such an amount of cocaine was ferried unto the aircraft, who and who did the packaging, the conversations that went into the packaging as to how it should be shipped, and most importantly, who carried the illicit drug into the plane?
Ghanaians must also know how some top security officials at KIA where manipulated not to undertake vital security checks on Nayele Ametefe and her colleagues that could have led to their arrest here at KIA and who actually was behind the dastardly act.
Before her departure at KIA, Nayele was alleged to have made calls to some prominent figures. It is important to share with Ghanaians some of the conversation that went on and the identity of the said prominent persons she contacted.
What The aL-hAJJ also intends to do in this series of report on Nayele is to reveal the relationship between her and a braggart but well-connected and influential boss of a key public institution.
This paper will also share with its readers all the assurances and promises given Nayele that her freedom would be secured in no time, her disappointment and anger and threats to expose the official involved and the moves to get the jailed Ghanaian-born-Austrian citizen zip her mouth.
The issue about how Nayale acquired her Austrian passport (Nos. P4187659) and how she had to change her name from Ruby Appiah to Ruby Adu Gyamfi and later to Nayele Ametefe to seem as though she is a Voltarian is something that will interest Ghanaians. Stay tuned

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