Nat’l Cathedral: Never mind the difficult times, some people will still support – Joyce Aryee

24th October 2022

A call centre has been announced for the National Cathedral Project.

The Board of Trustees for the Project announced this at a Press Conference on Monday, 24 October 2024.

The call centre will provide answers to Ghanaians seeking information on the project including how to donate and enhance the relationship between the cathedral and the public.

A member of the Board of Trustees of the Project, Rev Joyce Aryee, was also, hopeful that despite the country’s current economic challenges, persons would still donate to complete the National Cathedral.

“Human beings are so resilient. I am 76. I have lived through worse economic times in our country, therefore, I know economic times are as transient as the seasons of life.”

“God has a way of touching our lives in ways that sometimes we don’t understand. We are still going to church, aren’t we? And we are still making donations, aren’t we? But times are difficult and that’s what gives me hope that, never mind how difficult times are, some people will willingly support,” Rev Aryee stated.

Work on the National Cathedral was halted over lack of funds.

The USD450 million project was purposed by government to serve as a physical incorporation of spirituality, harmony and national unity.

It is however not clear how much funds have been injected into the project by government and from donations.

Various churches had as of June 2022, contributed GHS2.21 million towards the project.

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