National service Insurance policy is illegal

A group calling itself Concerned National Service Personnel Association, has kicked against the insurance policy put in place for personnel under the National Service Scheme.

The group claim the insurance policy is illegal since the deduction to its effect was not included in the terms and conditions of the personnel prior to their mandatory service to the country.

Speaking in an interview with Prince Minkah on the Morning Xpress, Tuesday morning, the convenor for the aggrieved group, Williams Agboado, said the policy was thrown at them without any broader consultation with the personnel.

“When you look at the public sector workers, the government has not come out with any compulsory insurance policy covering them where monthly deductions will be made in that regard. We did not understand this when we heard this in the first place that there was an insurance policy that will be binding us to compulsory subscribe to it whether you like it or not. What we are saying is that it should be made optional,” said Williams.

Defending the stance of his group, he contended that the number of deaths among NSS personnel are insignificant to warrant the monthly deduction of GHc15.00 for an insurance policy.

“We petitioned the NSS Director yesterday and he said one service personnel had died in the Greater Accra Region. over these months that we started our service, it is only one person that has died in the region, according to the Director,” he added and hastened that the number of deaths were so few to get NSS personnel to pay that amount to insure them.

“This decision was taken by our predecessors. It is not in our general Mandate. We have our own mandate. The right thing to do is to hold on to the decision.”

Williams further said “we are bringing in NSS secretariat because they are implementing what NASPA had agreed on. We are not in authoritarian country. Let’s try and solve the issues on board before any other thing.”

He also disclosed the group will not hesitate to embark on a demonstration if their pleas are not considered by the end of the week.


An insurance policy for the National Service personnel was launched in late October by the National Service Personnel Association (NASPA) and the National Service Scheme.

Under this policy, National service personnel who suffer permanent or temporary disability through accidents during the service year will now be entitled to GH¢15,000 insurance cover.

The next of kin of service persons who die while undertaking the mandatory national exercise, will receive the same amount from Glico Life. All Service Personnel are mandated to pay GHc15.00 monthly for this policy.

Acting Executive Director of the Scheme, Mustapha Ussif disclosed on the day of the launch said other complimentary packages accompanied the policy.

He said, ’’Personnel, as part of the insurance package would be entitled to other complimentary packages including, a loan facility of GHS 500, payable within a 6 months period.”

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