The decision to procure counter-terrorism equipment was to proactively put in place the necessary counter terrorism measure required to protect the safety and security of Ghanaians, given the series of terrorist activities carried out at the time in neighboring countries like Burkina Faso, Mali and the Ivory Coast. With the increased awareness of national security concerns associated with activities of these groups,nations a across the globe have begun to revise their laws and rules governing national security information in order to counter terrorist threat.

The state has given our national security responsibility for coordinating these strategies.

As part of measures to go further to build a new and more effective intelligence system to support transformed national security needs, the National Security decided to procure the counter-terrorism equipment. We didn’t have to wait for the terrorists to strike before we react hence that proactive initiative. The national security confidentially requested for financial assistance from the National Communication Authority to procure the equipment’s.

We have rules and laws that defines and protect state secrets from unauthorized communication and disclosures. Due to the sensitive nature, and confidentiality of this request, NCA treated it as such, by not processing them as routine request from other institutions. National Security operating within the remit of the law with regard to unauthorised disclosure of state secrets and legal protection of state secrets didn’t advertise the procurement of the equipment which is the normal practice globally.

The National Communication Authority contracted with INFROLOKS on behalf of National Security. NSO which is an Israeli supplier for this solution required a trusted in-country reseller to fulfill some of the requirements from the Israeli Ministry of Defense. INFRALOKS,a wholly owned Ghanaian company was the trusted reseller for this counter terrorism solution.

Countries across the globe including the United States, Canada etc have all designing intelligence policies aimed to protect sources and methods and keep adversaries from gaining access to state secrets. To achieve these goals our national security and other intelligence agencies compartmentalized acquisition, analysis and dissemination of information, an approached that worked reasonably well. But the Npp administration in their haste to criminalise every decision and initiative implemented under the previous administration, breached security/confidentiality by putting this sensitive information (equipment) in the public domain. The have also compromised Ghana’s security landscape all in the name of propaganda and hounding of political opponents.

Some known pro-npp journalists were contracted by government to malign, cajole and arm twist people including men of honour and integrity. They used their platforms to invade public psyche with lies, distortions, concoctions, libel, sedition and outright crucifixion of truth for no just cause other than parochial and narrow minded interest of money, grab or fame. All the former National Security and NCA officials questioned by the BNI denied the allegations levelled against them. However, the Minister of Information (Mustapha Hamid) gave interviews to Radio stations to the claim that the BNI had given him information to the effect that all the principals have admitted guilt to the allegations. This was swiftly rebutted by these officials and the information minister is yet to furnish us with his response.

One Kojo Yankson, a journalist working with Multimedia confirmed on his show that he participated in Mustapha Hamid’s conversation with the BNI. This exposed the minister’s political agenda setting and witch hunt plans. It is unethical and unacceptable for a minister of state to secretly contract a journalist of a private radio station to embark on that dangerous assignment. Mr Kojo Yankson who was assigned to do that dirty work, never gave qualm to the ethics of his profession. He relegated the media functions of information ,education and research to the background. As a result of his selfish goal and vaulting ambition, he became willing tool for destruction

Different statements were taken from all the officials including one Mr George Oppong. Kojo Yankson and other contracted journalists deliberately buried these statements and constantly centered their mischievous agenda on what suited their evil plans. The Minister of Information who assigned these journalists to pursue this evil also adopted same evil strategy just to get at his political opponents.


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