’Nana Konadu bought an acre plot for GHc5‘ – Residents continue protests

The ongoing protests against former First Lady, Nana Konadu Agyeman-Rawlings, over a 700-acre land seems to have been further escalated after residents of the affected communities accused her of grabbing an acre for just GHc5 per year.

Four communities in the Eastern region have been protesting against Nana Konadu for allegedly annexing a 700-acre property stretching from the Nsawam Cannery all the way to the Koans Estate enc

The aggrieved persons are residents and custodians of Adoagyiri, Owuraku, Ntoaso and Akwamu, who have accused the former First Lady of planning to sell the property to a private developer.

The protestors claim documents covering the lease agreement signed between Nana Konadu and Nana Kodua Kesse II on September 1st 2013, show that the former First Lady obtained the 770.74 acres of land for GHC 3,850.00, which translates into about GHC5 per acre for a year for fifty (50) years.


The said land currently houses the Adoagyiiri Chief’s palace, the Presbyterian Church, the St Martin’s Senior High School and a clinic – all properties which would have to be evacuated if the land is sold.


In an interview with TV3, Otuosiribour Safo Kankam I, the Adoagyiri Mawerehene, lamented: “They preach accountability, probity and so on. This transaction shows clearly that when we talk about corruption, they are involved. If at all government wanted to sell off our lands to a private individual, we the chiefs and our people who are original landlords should have been consulted. Something wrong has definitely taken place.“

Rev. Seth Tetteh Ackonor who owns a church on the affected land in Akwamu added: “I am 66 years now. The Nsawam cannery came to meet us here. Even my father and mother were born here. If the government acquired it, and if the factory is not working, how can they then sell it? Telling us to quit?

“This time at least a building plot, that is, 100 X 70 sells currently for GH₵5000 so how can Nana Konadu buy an acre of land which is about five plots for less than GH₵ 5 in 2013 from the government of Ghana? That is free and not for sale. She was first lady for 19 years, 31DWM and the rest, what does she want again? Taking this small portion from us? Why this covetousness?’’

The aggrieved communities are, therefore, calling on the current government to intervene to stop Nana Konadu from going ahead with her plans, warning that there would be “chaos“ if no action is taken.

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