Nana Akufo Addo’s Hatred For Northeners s Deeply Rooted In His Heart -Friends Of Bawumia

It is with a heavy heart that we ink down our heart breaking consent about the way and manner NPP under Akufo Addo has treated we northerners within the NPP. The most recent one which happened on 22/10/2015 against Chairman Paul Afoko a northener depicted the crescendo at which his hatred for northerners has gotten to.

Twelve(12) out of fifty (50) NEC members were in the meeting yesterday. Ursula Owusu is not part and has never been part of NEC membership, Yet she sat in that meeting. KT hammond a ranking member of energy who has no voting right, is the other Member of parliament who was Present in that meeting of “Friends of Freddy Blay”. How can A party that was birth out of democracy suddenly defile their own constitution like that? We are tempted to believe tje constitution is and haa been bogus under Akufo Addo and he will make Ghana constitution bogus when given the mantle to lead Ghana.

Late Alhaji Aliu Mahama crisscrossed most of the parts of Ghana in 2012 in canvassing votes for Nana Akufo Addo. Late Alhaji Aliu Mahama was with Paul Afoko through out the campaign in the three northern regions. Both he and Afoko stormed “NO GO AREAS” in tamale which made the name “Afoko” becoming a household name in the three northern regions. Shortly before the december elections, Alhaji Aliu mahama got indisposed,unfortunately and was hospitalised. Nana Akufo Addo never took a single moment or time off to go and visit Late Alhaji Aliu on his sick bed. This left us to really know how inconsiderate Akufo Addo is.. Nana Akufo Addo’s tribal and hate campaign against Alhaji Aliu mahama in the days of 2007 is very much refreshing in our minds.

The grand scheme of using colleague northeners to fight Chairman Paul Afoko is very wicked and treacherous of Nana Akufo Addo. Ever since Chairman Paul Afoko assumed office, Akufo Addo made it the habit to use our brothers from the north to destabilise him. Bugri Naabu- Northern regional Chairman, Alhaji Short- Upper weat regional Chairman, LateAdams Mahama -Upper East Regional Chairman and Kamal Deen Abdulai- Nasara cordinator were used to frustrate and topple Chairman Afoko’s regime. As that failed, Akufo Addo and his henchmen went further to brew another prespetorous battle as if the first plan wasn’t cool with them.

Eversince National chairman Paul Afoko picked forms to contest the chairmanship elections, Akufo Addo and his henchmen vowed never to let him see the light of the day. In sha Allah he went ahead to win the elections fairly even after the shenanigan of Akufo Addo in Tamale.

Isn’t it surprising that anytime Akufo Addo travels, there is war within this party??

He traveled and the next 5days chairman Adams was murdered in cold blood. Akufo Addo travelled and in the next few days , his henchmen organised and hired some 2 non-independent ‘brains’ who they claim as northeners to petition against our National Chairman Paul Afoko using the illegal means???

We are convince Akufo Addo does not need the presidency because he makes over 50million dollars even in opposition. How many companies make even $10million dollas in two years?

Since 2007 we have had a single flagbearer and changed executives three times. In some instances, Akufo Addo had his Men who he sleeps together with on the same bed as executives but yet he managed to get a little over 47%. Isn’t it amazing that since 2007, Akufo Addo has managed to divide this party at an increasing rate??

Isnt it amazing that Akufo Addo trust a ‘walking drunkard’ Freddy blay who set Afenyo markins up in this ongoing ADB tussle than Chairman Afoko and Kwabena Agyepong?

Isn’t it amazing that anytime Akufo-Addo loses an election, he looks out for scape goats to blame for his dereliction? Fellow NPP members must know that He Akufo-Addo is not more human than any body. He is only preparing the grounds to blame certain people for his failure just as he is reported in the news of last week as he ‘admitting sensing defeat in 2016’. Isn’t it amazing that Akufo-Addo cares less about the harrowing fact that he is taking us into a whopping twelve (12) years opposition? Akufo Addo and Bawumia are the luckiest pair to have enjoyed these unalloyed support in this party as flagbearer and running mate for three consecutive times.

And why cant Dr bawumia who happens to be a son of our land chose to remain quite over the reckless decisions and machinations Akufo-Addo has taken since 2007 till date? Can’t he for once put sense into the head of Akufo-Addo?

Akufo Addo hiding behind the cloak of Dr bawumia’s serial appointment to claim he loves northeners is a charade. His hatred for we northeners is legendary and we are going to fight Akufo Addo till the END.

How can Akufo Addo who acclaims to be a lawyer superintend over this broad day light Illegality.

We shall battle it out with Akufo Addo over this travesty of justice till the end in the law courts. We urge Chairman Paul Afoko to remain steadfast in his battle for what duly belongs to him.

For the ‘walking drunkard’ Freddy blay who always appear drunk in ‘Appio’, time will surely tell.


Tamale central Nasara cordinator
Tamale central Organiser
Tamale North constituency Se

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