Akufo addo

The inconsistency in what we say and what say and what we actually do creates a huge gap in consistency resulting in lack of credibility which results in low morale which results in low performance and which result in bad results.The current Npp leadership think they are good at what they do.They really think they are doing their best and I believe the only reason they are inconsistently sending the wrong or unmatched message is they don’t realize how much their behaviour impact results.

Nana Addo took his campaign to Agogo to complete his Ashanti Region campaign thrill and as expected,he planted another dead seed.His statement on the Fulani herdsmen’s issue was too porous to have come from an experienced politician of his calibre and no wonder my lenses captured some strong expressions on an Npp platform.

“Nana Addo made a contradictory statement this afternoon to what Hon.Baah Agyemang said and it has generated argument in town and I am very scared it may course disaffection in our party”
-Kwasi Oppong

Then one Bill Builds asked Why?

“The Primary problem of Agogo citizens is the Fulani issue of which Hon.KBA said,if Agogo people vote for Nana Addo,he will ensure the evacuation of these nomadic Fulani herdsmen”
-Kwasi Oppong

Then Hon Baah Agyeman himself came in and simply said “Menace”,Akufo-Addo assures Agogo residents

Kwasi Oppong came in again and we go “Unfortunately in Nana Addo’s statement,he said he will ensure these nomadic are managed with their cattle to be on Agogo farmland”-“And he even sited that Brazil has a lot of cattle than human beings yet,they are living together”

Then one General 1 came in and this was his comment “Nana’s position on the Fulani issue is just unbelievable.Those close to him should tell him that his approach will be resisted”

Those were the comments my lenses captured on that Npp platform which represent the true position of many Npp supporters on Nana’s attitude when it comes to leadership and consistency.The Brazilian example he trumpeted to support his assertion was unscientific and whoever offered him that assistance did great disservice to the man and his campaign.The People of Agogo have been calling for an immediate solution to pains being inflicted on them by some herdsmen.Farms are being destroyed through reckless handling of the animals and Government in collaboration with Chiefs,opinion leaders and the police is working on plans to end the tension in the Region.The case of Brazil is very different.Brazilian agriculture has the benefit of vast pastureland,low labor costs and a talented entrepreneurial class.

Nana Addo should read about the Brazilian meat Baron Antonio Russo who is helping turn Brazil into a global beef power.His company alone (Alimento ltd) exports beef to more than 50 countries.The Brazilian government and all others before it has huge interest in the meat or beef industry.You don’t use such a system as appropriate test case to support your statement on an issue which is gradually becoming a serious national headache.

I am happy people who hitherto rated the Npp flagbearer as a “perfect soul” have suddenly come to understand why his own blooded friend Kofi Koomson would put away friendship to vehemently advocate against his friends bid to occupy the highest office of the land.No serious and strategically astute politician would commit the blunder Nana Addo caused at Agogo and he only succeeded leaving the people of Agogo in tatters.Discussions on their local radio stations attest to the fact that wounds have been opened and hearts,seriously hurt.The popularity of Kwadwo Baah has suddenly surged up.I am sure the portal which published the story of an Npp office “shit-bombed” will do the wisest thing of coming out with a rejoinder to apologise to the NDC party.We all know the burning fire in the constituency so why the crave to throw out saturated lies.


The story behind the death of Kwadwo Baah Wiredu would be told one fine morning in this country but I must say,I admire the level of maturity displayed by persons who are privy to this terrible story.At a point Hon Baah was seen as “treasured diamond”.This became a worry to some elements in the party leading to all kinds of wicked machinations to get them man out of the stardom stables.

Kwadwo Baah Agyeman a nephew of the Great Baah Wiredu has never been in the good books of Nana Addo and his henchmen all because,he is seen and perceived as one of the Kufour soldiers in the Npp.His opponent in the last primaries was offered maximum support to kick Kwadwo his position a move which was executed with dexterity.

What do you think?

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