Nana Addo’s guards fire guns at NDC Walk with the president – Godwin Ako Gunn

As part of the NDC’s health walk this morning, the constituents from Okaikoi, Ayawaso and its environs had to converge around the Nima police station which unfortunately houses the flag bearer of the NPP.

As they waited for the arrival of the president who had moved towards Nima before going to kaokodi where the program is scheduled to end .

There were drumming and dancing around the Nima round about where the NPP faithfuls were also drumming and dancing peacefully. The Okaikoi north team arrived at the Nima police station first awaiting the Ayawaso team to move and suddenly a hugely built guy came out of Nana Addo’s house to confront the Okaikoi north team which was led by their parliamentary candidate, Hon Razak Ibn Issah.

The young man asked if we were aware the house belonged to Nana Addo and that we were disturbing his peaceful sleep. Like any organised crowed, they asked the guy a barrage of questions which summed up to mean they also have the right to embark on their walk. The young man just shouted “wait and u will see”.

The man entered the house only to come out with 3 other guards wielding guys. They pointed the guns at us, and asked us to live the place or face our death.

We told them to do their worse and they started firing into the air while asking us to move else the next ones will create holes in our bodies. Just at that time, the team from Nima who heard the gun shots had reached the scene and demanded to know the people who shot the guns but they had retreated into the house by then.

Minutes after, a team of police officers arrived and told us to live the scene. I took the number of the police officer who gave his name as Francis .

More to come after the walk .

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