Nana Addo,NPP Planned To “Kill” Me – Odike

Founder and Leader of the United Progressive Party (UPP), Akwasi Addai Odike has retorted to the NPP’s claim that his party is being sponsored by the incumbent NDC.

He described the allegation as “unfortunate” and maintained that the NPP is just “envious” of his activeness in Ghana politics over the years – “I am a threat to them and they [NPP] have confirmed that.”

NPP’s Communications Director, Nana Akomea, says it has a recording disclosing that the NDC would be advancing huge monies to the UPP ahead of the November 7, elections – but Odike says there is no law in Ghana against funding of a political party after denying knowledge of the purported tape in the NPP’s possession.

The ‘Elephant’ family also raised concern that the party colours of the UPP was the first to trigger the NPP’s curiosity about a conspiracy – the NPP explained at a press conference in Accra Tuesday.

The UFP colours, Mr Akomea said bears a close resemblance to that of the NPP – but UPP’s Odike has strongly ignored their claims saying “there’s no resemblance in both logos”.

Weaving the conspiracy further, Nana Akomea wants to know “why would a new political party chose its colours so closely to another political party?”.

Answering his rhetorical question, Nana Akomea says it is about “confusing supporters”.

Divulging a transcript of the audio recording as evidence of the parties collusion, Nana Akomea quoted Odike saying “Very soon they will bring me the money for the work and we will recover the cost. Don’t rush the money will come very soon”.

He expressed worry that the governing party would invest taxpayer’s money to fund smaller parties as a strategy to chip away NPP support ahead of the November 2016 elections.

Speaking on NEAT FM’s morning show ‘Ghana Montie’, Mr Odike said he holds the belief that his party can shock the two dominant ones and win the general elections.

According to him – his involvement in active politics has been a hindrance to the NPP – this he alleged has led to an attempted assassination by the NPP.

“The NPP has tormented me from the very first day I entered politics. Ghanaians should take note of that. I am not saying this because of Nana Akomea’s claims. The NPP has organised several meetings at secret places to destroy my party and even kill me. What have I done to the NPP?” he questioned.

Mr Odike however revealed that – “I was once an NPP sympathizer and very instrumental in Ex-President Kufuor’s administration. They failed me and failed the people of Kumasi after their numerous promises which is yet to be fulfilled.”


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