Nana Addo visits 16 countries in 7 months since taking office

One of the most telling development was when the minority in parliament blamed the president for embarking on various trips without the consent of the House – a development which is yet to receive any comment from the presidency.

But let’s stay a little more on the issue of Nana Addo’s travels because careful tracking of all the countries that he has visited eversince becoming presidents totals the overall number of travels to 16 countries. The full list of these countries are Mali (visit in January), Togo ( May), Burkina Faso (May), Ivory Coast (May) Senegal (May), Guinea (May), Cape Verde (May), Sierra Leone (May) Liberia (May), Mali (May), Belgium (June), Germany (June), USA (June), UK (June), Zambia (June), Ethipia (July). One thing which stands tall in all these travels by the president is based on statements from the presidency indicating that he is engaged in various high-leveled meeting on how best to deepen bilateral ties. But with him covering 16 countries all in just 7 months, one may but wonder how many other countries Nana Addo could visit before the end of his tenure as president.

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