Nana Addo To Renovate His House With 9million Dollars

Interesting revelations continue to pop up daily since the day national security stepped in to evict traders around Nana Addo’s residence declaring the place security zone.

The traders who said they are disappointed in the President for failing to live by his words and promise by allowing them stay and do their work since he will be moving to the flagstaff with his family.

It then came as a shock when the traders were given ultimatum to vacate the premises without the President showing mercy by thinking of how the poor trader was going to take care of her family.

*Our President has indeed moved beyond mercy.*
Beyond mercy because the agenda seems to gear towards renovating his Fathers house where he currently lives just as other Presidents from the Danquah/Busia Tradition have done.

It started from Dr K.A Busia who used state funds to renovate his private residence in Odorkor shortly after he was sworn in as the Prime Minister.

*Hon. S.K Amponsah, former Mp for Wassa Mpoho in Wassa East Constituency made it clear on the floor of Parliament on May 29th, 2001 that Dr Busia’s private residence in Odokor was consificated by the military after the coup because he used state funds for the renovation.*

During the second come back of the Danquah/Busia family, Former President Kuffour also decided to use 4million dollars of state fund to renovate his private residence which generated lots of public outcry.

Despite the call on him by the good people of Ghana to hold unto his decision, Gentle giant went ahead with his 4million dollars renovation and decoration of his house.

President Liman lived and worked in the castle with his family until the coup.

President Rawlings moderately lived and worked in the castle for 19years without a renovation cost on the poor farmer in Sandema.

President Mills lived and worked in the castle while his wife continued to live in their two bedroom apartment in Regimanuel without a pesewa spent on renovation.

*President Mahama lived in his bungalow for 8years as Vice President and President without demanding for an upgrade or renovation of his private residence because he is a man of the people and the voice of the ordinary.*

We are told by Hajia Tee that former President Mahama when he was the President do come and live with them happily in their community without any fear of eviction from people in that community.

So what has changed again? Or is it the continuation of the Danquah/Busia tradition?

Just remembered a key soap advert that goes like *” the best tradition goes on”*

Because Prime Minister Busia and the Gentle giant have done it Nana Addo want to as well continue hence the sudden eviction of the poor traders and closing the doors to their daily bread.

We are informed from a close source within the camp of the NPP that about 9million dollars of tax payers money may go into the intended renovation of Nana Addo’s house hence his refusal to move to the flagstaff house which was built by former President Kuffour as the seat of government.

President Nana Addo then candidate Nana Addo in 2012 made it clear that he will move to the flagstaff house when elected the President but because he want to enjoy the 9million dollar renovation just like other Presidents from his camp, he has now deliberately refused to move into the flagstaff house with his family at the expense of the poor trader on the street of Nima.

Npp government is making the trust for politicians erode before the good people of Ghana as the days go by, because we politicians who promised during our campaigns to serve the ordinary people after winning elections ride on the neck of the poor people who pushed us there.

This is a serious matter which Ghanaians must resist before they fully come out with it’s implementation.

I strongly believe if we rise up as Citizens to speak against it, it will save the poor farmer in Asonafo another burden of 9million dollars debt.

Jocob Zuma was not spared by the South Africans so must we the youths in Ghana not allow it to even happen. We must prevent it from happening.

Obiri Boahen said it on his famous Kwaku Skirt tape that this government is known as “grabbing grabbing”. He is an insider and he knows what goes on there.

*Per Obiri Boahen’s analogy, it means this government is a government of grabbers, by grabbers and for grabbers.*

Let’s arise and protect the nation from the grabbers.

*Efo Worlanyo TSEKPO*
B/A Youth Activist.

What do you think?

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