Nana Addo Can Go Nak*ed For Power

I have always credited Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo with some modicum of intellect and guile if not reasonability. That is his ability to reason his way through what is possible and what is not practicable. So what is wrong? What does Nana Addo want so much in this life that minute reasoning has left him? Perhaps nearly a septuagenarian, he has become easily amenable to ego massaging, his ambition is driving his name into the hall of shame instead of hall of fame.

I can only with retrospect and a keen sense of history counsel Nana Addo of what awaits him on November 7, when Ghanaians go to the polls to endorse President John Dramani Mahama for a second term of four years.

The demystification of a well designed and well engineered masquerade of potency and invincibility that would consequently end in disgrace

I am forced to wonder if Nana Addo really thinks that all of us the 26 million Ghanaians are so dim-witted, dreamy and forgetful of history for him to win the election to become president of Kwame Nkrumah’s Ghana.

From thence the question would always be asked Nana Addo? WHAT IS THIS OVER AMBITION ABOUT?

A few examples will suffice to answer the above question.

The Nana Addo of yesterday was that man who took on military despots and participated in many demonstrations for the restoration of multi-party democracy and earned the public’ sympathy, he mistook this sympathy for love and admiration.

Unfortunately events after 2008 and Nana Addo comes across today as an ethnic jingoist, tribal and war Lord.  No doubt he is going to lose the 2016 elections and be retired permanently; his determination to be President by hook or by crook will never see the light of day.

Why would Nana Addo lose? He is just not trusted by most Ghanaians who see him as both a gangster and someone who is not a unifier. He has too many questions to answer but refuses to answer them. His cupboard reeks with a distasteful personal life.


This man after persecuting him for years, amidst insults, insinuations etc, surreptitiously crept to his home to beg him.

Years before this unholy visit, Nana Addo had roundly condemned him as a failure and put his wife before court, when the New Patriotic Party (NPP) came to power in 2001, accused of corruption, a charge that was never proven.

Yes like the wavering sea, he came back years later to the same man he had cursed and denigrated to beg and asked for his support in his unbridled quest to be President.

His supporters called the move calculative, but the reality is that, he defined himself as some one cannot be trusted, unreliable and irredeemable by his carpet-bagging movement to former President Rawlings.


Every student of politics in this country, know the frosty relationship that existed between former President, John Agyekum Kufuor and Nana Addo, after the NPP congress of 1998 that elected Kufuor as the flagbearer.

When Kufuor won the 2000 election and appointed Nana Addo, as the Minister of Justice and Attorney -General, his penchant and folly to please Kufuor and make things look like all was well, was what informed his decision to charge Tsatsu Tsikata Vrs President Kufuor, a charge that was thrown out, because it was unconstitutional.

Nana Addo never gives a speech without mentioning Kufuor’s name; all was calculated to further his ambition.


Nana Addo, travelled to Israel to pray, this was not done when he was a young man, but a time he desperately wanted to be President. Instead of placing one hand on the wall, desperation made Nana Addo place both hands and forced tears out of him. It is written, “by their fruits you shall know them. God know the fruit Nana Addo is made of and so he lost the 2012 election.


Nana Addo is achieving many feats in so many things, these days the man attends six churches in a day. Which Christian attends six churches in one Sunday. Nana Addo’s ambition has assumed an alarming proportion and if not checked could lead the man to sale his soul for power.

I bet if I tell Nana Addo that, I know a man in my hometown, Agona Nyakrom in the Central Region, who sees beyond and has the powers to make him President, if would follow me.

He is bathed in hypocrisy and that would not in any way help his cause.

It is obvious that, when Nana Addo is asked to strip naked and walk the streets of Accra, just to be President, even one day, he won’t hesitate.


He has accused everybody for his failure to win the 2008 and 2012 elections, except himself. The EC, unfortunately despite the accolades the Commission is receiving all over the world, the NPP, because of one man’s unbridled ambition, has never seen anything good in the EC. This same Commission in 2000 and 2004, called the election in favour of the NPP.

History will repeat itself, and certainly most Ghanaians know when Nana Addo losses the election, he would scream rigging.

He just must be a president, which is the only way his ‘goliathic’ ego can be assuaged.

For a man who wants to govern us, Nana Addo has been threatening that unless the Electoral Commission (EC) compile a new Voters Register, he and his supporters would engage in violent response against the Ghanaian state. Nana Addo is too much of a coward to undertake warfare against the might of the state.

Nana Addo is not a presidential material. He is definitely a “good politician” in the Ghanaian sense with the dexterity and flair to navigate the calcified unnameable pathways of Ghanaians politics. One thing is certain Nana Addo will not rule us. Ghanaians know him too much to vote for him.

Nana Addo will lose and lose well and maybe we will once and for all retire him.



By-Razark -HERALD NEWSPPER /Ghanapoliticsonline.Com

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