Mugabe Calls Tv3 Editor Useless

Popular radio presenter and host of Montie Fm’s Pampaso programme, Salifu Maase, also referred to as Mugabe, has described journalists at one of the leading television stations in the country as useless.

Speaking on his Pampaso programme Thursday afternoon, Mugabe described presenters and editors of Media General’s TV3 Network as useless and irresponsible for suggesting that he is calling on the electorate to vote against John Dramani Mahama in the upcoming December polls.

Mugabe on Wednesday October 26 reportedly panned leading members of the governing National Democratic Congress for neglecting him and scores of party footsoldiers. Other media reports even suggested the journalist cum party activist had passed comments which implied he wished the party lost the 2016 elections.

But Salifu Maase has denied the claim and launched a series of attacks on some journalists allegedly propagating the claim.

“..For those of you at TV3, you are unable to do your news without talking about me. I now make headlines in Ghana. Irresponsible journalism. I know you all hate me but you can never beat me until I quit this profession. This is not how TV3 started, you are now doing the bidding of the NPP…”

He added, “Mugabe is calling for change? Change my foot!… JM is never handing power to anyone in this country. He’s handing power to himself. Why should he hand power to somebody who doesn’t even know when elections in the country are being held?”

Salifu Maase is one of three persons jailed for contempt. Their four-month sentences were however remitted by the president having served a month in prison.


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