Mugabe’ attacks Okyenhene

has been revealed that convicted radio show host Salifu Maase aka Mugabe, once attacked the Okyenhene, Osagyefo Amoatia Ofori Panin II.

Another audio recording of his afternoon political talk show, ‘Pampaso’ on Montie FM – which has become notorious for broadcasting hate speeches and remarks as the December 7 general election draws near – has popped up and in the said recording, Mugabe is heard insulting the Okyenhene without any reservation.

Mugabe, who claims he is doing the bidding of President John Mahama for his re-election, took the Okyenhene to the cleaners.

Okyenhene’s ‘crime’

What led to the attack on the person of the paramount chief of Akyem Abuakwa by the notorious radio show host is unclear, but some say it was during the period the Okyeman Council banned two NDC activists from entering the Ofori Panin Fie at Kyebi, while others claim it was during the time the Okyenhene complained about how the Mahama-led National Democratic Congress (NDC) government was sidelining indigenes of Akyem in his appointments.

The attacks were recorded immediately after the Easter break and Mugabe did not spare the respected chief as he threw caution to the wind and ‘dealt’ with him severely.

Indecorous language

“Okyenhene Osagyefuo Amoatia Ofori Panin, today fire will burn you! Your palace is not heaven. I am telling you this without any equivocation,” Mugabe was heard as saying.

He even told his listeners to draw the chief’s attention to the fact that he (Mugabe) was on air and was dealing with him (Okyenhene).

Mugabe fired, “You should call him to listen to me on Montie FM. Amoatia Ofori Panin, are you God? Is your palace heaven? Seek the kingdom first before you scramble for earthly possessions. Today, fire will burn you! Open your ears well and listen to me. I am going to give you sounds!

“Let me tell you that I compare myself to dry okro; you can’t stop me. I am untouchable, unshakable and unbreakable. As I speak, I have about 300,000 angels surrounding me.

“If you are Okyenhene are you God? Is he Jesus Christ? When you are going to heaven try and carry your palace with you to the place.”

Display of hypocrisy

Mugabe said that chiefs in the country display traits of hypocrisy and said the Okyenhene “is number one hypocrite!”

According to him, “You haven’t seen anything yet. I am going to give you sounds! I have moved from first to second gear and I am going to the third and when I open to fourth and fifth, you will hear real sounds. Some of you will run in this country.”

Tacit presidential support

On another tape recorded after the Supreme Court had summoned him to appear before it on charge of contempt, Mugabe said, “I am telling NDC followers that I am in this country because of John Dramani Mahama and I will continue to fight for John Mahama. If I will follow President Mahama and speak the truth and because of that I will go to jail in Nsawam, I will continue to speak the truth.”

He also said that he had left his wife and children in the United Kingdom and had come to Ghana to work for President Mahama.

“You know my wife and kids are not in this country. I live in this country alone. I am living here because of the humility of President Mahama and I will continue to fight for him.”

Interestingly, President Mahama and top NDC appointees have unusually maintained tight-lip on the activities of Mugabe; and some critics are of the view that it was due to the fact that whatever he had said inured to the benefit of the president and his government.

Montie Gang

Mugabe, together with Godwin Ako Gunn and Alistair Tairo Nelson – who were regular panelists on ‘Pampaso’ – are serving four months each at the Nsawam Medium Security Prison for contempt of the Supreme Court.

Apart from insulting the judges, Mugabe and his gang also threatened to kill the judges if the court did not back off a case involving the Electoral Commission (EC) in relation to the voter register that is to be used for the December general election.

Strangely, the threat of death issue was rubbished by the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) and the Attorney General also failed to take up the case.

The three were also fined GHC10,000 each by the court or in default, serve an additional month each. But since their incarceration last week, the NDC, including ministers of state, have been pressurizing President Mahama to grant them pardon, and the move has set tongues wagging as to the rationale behind the crusade.


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