MP pushes for Mahama return

The Member of Parliament (MP) for Jirapa constituency in the Upper West Region, Hon.Dr. Francis BawaanaDakura, has added his voice to calls from party faithful of the National Democratic Congress(NDC) and well-meaning Ghanaians for the return of former President John DramaniMahama.

According to the Jirapa lawmaker, former President Mahama stands tall among those going round expressing their interest to lead the party in the 2020 general elections.

Making a strong case in an interview with The Republic in parliament last Friday, Dr.Dakura cited the mismanagement of the economy and insecurity visited on Ghanaians by the current Nana AkufoAddo-led New Patriotic Party (NPP) government.

Sounding very confident, the straight-talking MP also pointed to the numerous development projects Ghanaians witnessed during the John Mahama administration, as a testimony of the good works that required his return.

“I think, as a party, if we (NDC) want unity to move forward for victory in the 2020 elections, then we must do all that we can to bring John Mahama back to lead us, but this does not mean others have no right to contest.”

“If he, Mahama, contests and the delegates reject him fine, but for now I think that a Mahama return will be our road to victory and I have no doubt about that, ” Dr.Dakura stated.

He advised all other people who want to contest on the ticket of the party to reconsider supporting the comeback of JM in the interest of the party.

On the issue of former President Rawlings, the tough-talking MP said he remains a pillarin the NDC and will always be recognized as such.

Asked if the NDC was prepared for power, Dr.Dakura said the NDC is ever prepared and it also is a party that listens widely outside its core support base in order to correct its mistakes.

He appealed to the office of the former President to consult widely with the rank and file of the party outside of the official Professor KwesiBotchweyReport in relation to their feelings about some of the issues that they think affected their engagement with the 2016 campaign and caused a considerable amount of apathy.

He advised party faithful, especially communicators, to be wary of the mischief that some sections of the press want to throw into the party by referring to a fake and bogus KB Report.

The lawmaker from Jirapa stated that the actual KB Report has actually been seen by only the very top echelons of the party and there is no leaked version of it in circulation, stating, “in fact, it is wishful thinking and the imagination of some shameless mischief makers.”

“The party is absolutely focused on its impending reorganization exercise and nothing else,” he added.

He encouraged the party faithful to remain resolute and focused for the task of reorganization that lies ahead.

On his future in politics, Dr.Dakura hinted that he is weighing in on all options, including the possibility of him running for the office of General Secretary of the NDC.

He further advised all party members to take the upcoming national identification registration seriously“as he can smell a rat in the offing.”

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