Moody Has Endorsed The President’s Efforts

A hero, it is said is not celebrated in his hometown, the truism in this saying was made manifest this week, when the International credit ratings Agency, Moody, revised the outlook on Ghana’s Long Term Bond Ratings from Negative to Stable.

This comes on the back of the recent blabbing by the running mate of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia that, the president was managing a broken down economy.

The president has admitted on so many occasions that, we are not where we want to be as a country, but he has laid the necessary foundation for our economic take-off.

The issue of whether, we are doing well or not, has been put to rest, not by a Ghanaian institution, which the opposition, could say is working for the government, but by a renowned institution that has been doing this work for ages now.

We can all join in taking advantage of the opportunities the current rating puts us.

The opposition, have always been quick to condemn the president and point to his failings, this is the time for them, to accept the progress we have made and commend the president for steering the economy well.

The President upon his return from the United Nations and UNESCO, spoke of the high praise Ghana enjoys on the international scene, attributing it to his leadership style.

We have to cease the moment and make good use of the current rating by Moody and encourage the president to do more to cement the country’s standing among the comity of nations.

This has been long in coming, the good polices of the government and the patience of Ghanaians, is what has culminated in us achieving this feat, we must pat each other on the back and all put our shoulders to the wheel to support the efforts of the president.

What do you think?

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