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The so called Mo Ibrahim Report is a rehash of aggregated questionable and or inconclusive research outcomes by different organizations. It must be noted that per the report they suggest that Zimbabwe under President Mugabe has been doing very well over the last decade than Ghana- how funny statistics can be if common sense is not applied to statistical data particularly when you are adding discredited research work such as the Afrobarometer report of the Prof. Gyima Boadi led CDD. It is common knowledge that joy fm and daily graphic only recently had eggs on their faces when they mistook an Afrobarometer report on Corruption perception for that of Transparency International.

When CDD, joy fm and the daily graphic were exposed, some did not even bother to apologise to the public.

The Mo Ibrahim report must learn to rely on credible institutions such at the United Nations Human Development Index- which puts Ghana in the medium human develop category and consigns Côte d’Ivoire, Nigeria and several others in the Lower Human Development Category.

* Indeed Ghana is second only to Cape Verde in West Africa on the UN Human Development Index.

* Ghana is second on the 2015 Rule of Law Index of the World Justice Project (WJP)

*Ghana is 5th in Africa on the 2015 Democracy Index by the same Economist Intelligence Unit that the Mo Ibrahim Report claims to be relying on in aspects that suits their collaborators and

* Ghana is 7th on the 2015 Corruption Perception Index by the Transparency International.

Most importantly all these are statistics- the best statistics among others is the peace and stability enjoyed by the citizenry, the unprecedented increase in school enrollment, the unprecedented youth literacy rate, the massive infrastructure in education, health, Justice delivery, ICT, roads and transport that the citizenry are very well aware of.

The best statistics is also what the people of Ghana will deliver on December 7.

What do you think?

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