Mo Ibrahim Foundation welcomes Mugabe’s resignation

The Mo Ibrahim Foundation on Tuesday said it welcomes President Robert Mugabe’s decision to resign after 37 years in office.

“We hope that this decision will allow for a smooth and peaceful transition of power, and that all Zimbabweans will get their chance of an authentic, fair and legitimate election process,’’ it said.

The 2017 Ibrahim Index of African Governance, released yesterday, said Zimbabwe had a mixed picture in terms of governance.

The Index measures the overall governance and Zimbabwe still ranks 40th out of 54 countries in 2016.

Mo Ibrahim, Chairman of the Mo Ibrahim Foundation, said: “Robert Mugabe’s overdue departure now gives the people of Zimbabwe the chance to determine their futures.

“It is vital that a proper, fair and transparent process is in place for the next election. Zimbabweans deserve that, and they will rightly demand that”.

Military heads in Zimbabwe have succeeded in mounting pressure on 93-year old Mugabe to step down.

The long time Pan Africanist announced a voluntary resignation Tuesday after weeks of contradictory information about the future of the political leadership of Zimbabwe.

A bloodless military takeover ousted the Zimbabwean leader who has been at the helm since 1980.

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