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Edudzi Kudzo Tameklo writes:


According to Sammy Crabbe,the NPP under the leadership of Nana Addo has adopted a sinister tribal agenda in dealing with perceived opponents of Nana Addo.

If they decide to deal with you, they will usually get your tribes man to lead the process for your removal or suspension. So if you would notice, the person who petitioned for the suspension of Paul Afoko was a person of northern descent. For Sammy Crabbe, it was a Gã.
For Kwabena Agyei Agyepong, they were Ashanti.

In 2012, 28th December, the NPP filed a notice of Petition to challenge the election of President Mahama over very frivolous claims including over-voting, voting without verification, duplicate serial numbers on pink sheets, vote padding, unsigned pink sheets.
Most of these allegations were abandoned half way through the proceedings. It should be observed that the STAR PROSECUTOR of these malice against the election of President Mahama was his own NORTHERN BROTHER, Dr Bawumia. He was unwittingly used to prosecute the malice without any one seeing the INVINCIBLE DICTATOR. DR BAWUMIA was the STAR WITNESS and spoke throughout the proceedings on his own behalf and that of Nana Addo and Jake Obetsebi Lamptey.

Fast foward to 2016, they successfully got MANASSEH AWUNI AZURE to start this dubious allegation of bribery against President Mahama, the most documented gift of a ford car. Using your own (persons associated in the south with you tribally or perceived to be tribally close to you) against you.

Today on the basis of this dubious allegation against the President, the NPP minority in Parliament have decided to initiate a rather silly impeachment against the President.

The NPP guys have come to this irresistible conclusion that President Mahama will win the 2016 Presidential election. They first tried to delay the election by voting against the Constitution (Amendment) Bill, which would have made us vote on November 7th, even though they proposed that electoral reform.

The NPP guys know that compared to President Buhari who successfully prosecuted the removal of President Jonathan with tact, broad based coalition of other opposition parties and key PDP former governors, Nana Addo does not have that gravitas. His divisive and violent posturing has rather weakened the NPP.

Unlike President Buhari who had bloc votes from Katsina, Kaduna, Adamawa and the northern parts of Nigeria, to overturn the previous deficit, Nana Addo on the other cannot overturn the deficit in the three Northern regions of Ghana. Nana Addo cannot win any competitive, broad based, election in Ghana except in the NPP.

The only OPTION left is to try this last minute COUP as it is the case in Brazil through a parliamentary impeachment process.

The NPP guys know that they dont have the NUMBERS in parliament to get an impeachment but simply want to make the car issue an election propaganda issue; so they can gain votes with it.

They have failed in advance.

President Mahama has a humble persona and an affable nature. He comes across as accommodating and overly tolerant. The opposite is the case for Nana Addo.

From Monday, the NPP will allow Dominic Nutiwul (from the North) to lead this impeachment process.
Trying to use a Konkomba against a Gonja, but just as the Ubor of Saboba, one of the prominent Konkomba chiefs in the world said, “President Mahama has lived up to expectation. He has brought development to the entire northern region of Ghana and Saboba in particular.” He is better placed to assess President Mahama than Dominic Nutiwul.

Once again the NPP guys have killed a VULTURE; worthless venture.

If the brothers of Joseph knew that putting him up for slavery was the pathway of making him the Prime Minister of Egypt, they wouldn’t even have done it. They meant it for evil, but God wanted it for good.

Who Jah bless.

The Minority have been sleeping too much or?

God bless Ghana.
God bless Mahama.
Mahama trumps over Nana Addo.


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